Unrest in Haiti. Prayers Needed.

An earthquake that left over 300,000 dead and over a million people homeless, a cholera outbreak that has over 2,000 confirmed deaths and probably twice as many unconfirmed with most of the country blaming the UN (with reason) for the cause of the outbreak, and now a very possible fraudulent election that is causing massive rioting throughout much of the capitol as well as other cities.

This country needs our prayers.

We have a big mission team slated to go next week to do many great things – distribute Christmas gifts to several hundred children, build a food depot for our feeding program, minister to orphaned children, and just love on lots of kids.  I am also planning on being there.  I have many gifts to bring for the sponsored children.  I have gifts to bring for the orphanage.  And I have some very important meetings.  This will be a HUGE bummer if we cannot go.  But safety must come first.

Anyway, I won’t get into all the political mess that this country is in, but the reality is, as my fellow friend and missionary in Haiti stated, that Haiti “simply needs a government with integrity”.  You can’t blame the people for being upset.  The elections appear very likely to have been fixed.  It is a sad situation for this country.  Only God can change this.  Please pray.