Haiti Trip Cancelled.

I am totally bummed, but also in my right mind.  We had to cancel our upcoming mission team because of all the political unrest and rioting.  Its getting really bad.  I was still hoping to go even if we had to cancel the team, but my flight was just canceled by American Airlines for Saturday.  Maybe I will be able to reschedule for late next week, but who knows?  I really want to see the kids at the orphanage and deliver the many gifts that we have for them.  Some kids had gifts given by their sponsors and we also purchased gifts for all the kids.  I also bought some party things today to bring down there so that we could have a Christmas party for the children.  Oh man, I was so excited to see those kids!  I am still praying that I can get there before Christmas.  We are probably going to reschedule the team for Spring Break since it is a college group.

As I look on the news about the situation, I can clearly see why flights have been cancelled.  There is a lot of rioting going on.  The streets are not safe.  As much as I wish I was there with the children, I also know that it would not be safe for me to be traveling the streets.  So, now I just have to wait and see what happens.

The ultra sad thing about this is that people are still dying from cholera, yet medical personnel cannot get to the people to treat them because of the barricades and protests all over the streets.  Medical mission groups are stranded in Miami because flights have been cancelled.  Very sad indeed.  It is overwhelming.  Lord, help Haiti.

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  1. I would really love to visit your home. I am in USA till March when I leave for Congo forests. I am working among the short Bambuti pygmies in Congo. I read your stories and I really would love to visit those young children in your orphanage.

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