Haiti Trip Cancelled…Again

Oh man, I am so bummed out right now!  I had to cancel my trip down to Haiti again!  Ugh!  This stinks!  Once again, I was one day away from leaving, having everything all packed, having all the gifts wrapped for the kids, and filled with so much excitement to see the children and share the love of Jesus with them.  I was so excited for a Christmas party that I was going to put together for the children in the orphanage.  I was even thinking about staying over night at the orphanage for a few days just to really get to spend time getting to know the kids and experience their life for a bit.

But, all that has to be put on hold…again.  I just got word from one of our fellow Global Outreach missionaries in Haiti that the word on the street is:  RIOT.  Sunday they are going to announce some new results regarding the election recount.  The word is that the people are going to riot on Monday no matter what the results show, and that this time they are going to riot worse than before.

So, being the fact that I was supposed to fly out tomorrow and then return on Thursday (just a few days after the rioting is supposed to begin), there would be too much of a chance of me getting stuck in Haiti and not being able to get back in time for Christmas.  And I definitely don’t want to be without my family this Christmas.  So, I just can’t take the chance of getting stuck in Haiti.

So, the gifts will still be given.  The party will still take place.  Good times will still be had.  But it will have to wait until all this craziness dies down.  I’m hoping to be able to reschedule for early January, but at this time I did not book another flight because I don’t want to get my hopes up again and then see flights get cancelled.

Yes, I am bummed because I personally can’t get down there and be with the children.  But the greater bummer is that Haiti is still in massive crisis.  Cholera still runs rampant.  And once again the streets will be blockaded which will prevent medical professionals from being able to reach those who are sick.  The greater bummer is that the haitian people still need a government that leads with integrity.  The greater bummer is that over one million people are still living in tents and under tarps even though billions of dollars have been pledged in aid from other countries.  Yes, this is a bummer!