Susana Update and Psalm 73

Susana's confetti discharge celebration!!!!
First steps outside in a month!!!

Susana, myself, and my Mom are at the clinic at Duke right now about to be seen by the doctor.  Susana is doing really well.  We were sent home on Saturday with a TPN Nutrition pump that she has been connected to each night to make sure that she is getting enough fluids and nutrients.  But now she is eating well on her own and drinking a fair amount, so we’re hoping today that the doctor will say that she does not need the TPN pump anymore.  Because her immune system is still significantly compromised, we cannot be around many people or at indoor places like malls, stores, and restaurants.  Therefore, much of our time is just spent at our hotel room.

Last night, my Mother arrived from CT.  So, Maria and I were able to have a date night while Grandma spent some time with the kids.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Cheesecake Factory. It was so good to be able to spend some quality time with my wife.  It was great to just talk about what the Lord is revealing to us through His word, discuss what presents we want to get our girls for Christmas, talk about Haiti and our desire to serve the Lord, and just have great conversation.

Susana and Isabela were so excited to see Grandma.  It will be good for them to spend some time with her these next four days even though we will probably just spend most of our time in the hotel room.

I think we will be going to Jacksonville, Florida within the next week.  I hope to find out today what the doctor determines.  It would have been great to spend Thanksgiving with either friends or family, but because Susana is so immunocompromised, we are unable to go anywhere where there are large groups of people gathered.  So, our Thanksgiving holiday will be spent at????  You guessed it…our hotel room!!!!  And we will be ever so thankful to the Lord for His grace and love that covers us.

I was reading Psalm 73 yesterday and it really ministered to my heart.  Psalm 73 has one of my favorite verses, “Whom have I in heaven, but You.  And on earth there is none I desire besides You.  My heart and my flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

I’ve always known and loved that verse, but after reading the whole psalm yesterday, that verse even speaks greater volumes to me in the context.  The psalmist is talking about how he almost lost his way (turned away from God) because he was getting so frustrated striving to serve the Lord and struggling a lot while he saw the wicked prospering all around him.  He was beginning to think that maybe it was better to take the easy way out since those that were not serving the Lord seemed to have it so much easier.  Have you ever been there?  I know I have.  Sometimes, the way of the world just seems easier and it becomes a temptation to not strive to seek the Lord with all my heart.

But then the psalmist has this reminder that God Himself will be the One who will guide him and direct him and then take him home to glory.  He remembers that this life is not where the reward is found, but rather it is in glory where we will be rewarded.  He remembers that the wicked may flourish for a short season, but their ultimate end will not be with the Lord in glory.  Their portion will only be in this short life.  And I too, through His word, am reminded of God’s great love for me.  I am reminded that I am His child, that He has chosen me for His very own, that He will lead and guide my steps here on this earth, and then He will take me home to glory.

And this brings both the psalmist and myself to this great crescendo of praise saying most emphatically, “Whom have I in heaven, but You.  And there is none on earth I desire besides You.  My heart and my flesh may fail (and they often do), but GOD is the strength of my heart and MY portion forever.”

Yes.  The Lord Himself is MY portion.  I could want nothing more.  He is worth it all!!!!! – Cody

3 thoughts on “Susana Update and Psalm 73

  1. Love the photos…your precious girls, Cody! Love it when you post…it’s my daily devotional…i told Maria that ya’ll should write a devotional book. So excited for Susanna’s progress! God is so good!!!

  2. Awesome news, so wonderful to see you guys out of the hospital! wow, what a journey! thank you so much for sharing it it has been such an inspiration and such a faith builder to me, and i am sure so many others. this is ONE of the ways that God has been using this trial for good and for His glory. and today’s post ministered to me in a special way as i have been beat up over the last couple months and often close to discouragement. but as you say, our temporary trials fade in comparison to the glory that await us. So praise be to God who alone knows all things and has a perfect plan for us. So i’ll keep my eyes fixed on Him, my hope of glory , my source, my portion forever! God bless you Cody and your precious family.

  3. What sweet photos!! It is so good to see Susana out of the hospital. I hope you all are doing well, even in that hotel room. 🙂 Praying for you all fervently! Praying for a wonderful Thanksgiving, even though you can not be in the normal family surroundings. So much to be thankful for…..God is so good, all the time!! I am so encouraged by your posts Cody. God is working His perfect plan in and through you.Things can be so overwhelming at times, and it can be discouraging, but I fix my eyes on Him also, resting in Him, and rejoicing in the hope that is before us, and the strength and mercy He so freely provides. What will be your address, so I can send a special something to the girls? 🙂 You can just email it to me, if you would prefer!
    Thanks for the updates! Talk to you soon! God Bless you all!!

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