Proudly representing Haiti

Last night was the kickoff for our church’s (Biltmore Baptist Church) Global Impact Celebration. Cody, Isabela, and I (Maria) attended the International Banquet at the church while Susana stayed home with a wonderful babysitter that the church provided for us. The church also provided tons of arts and crafts activities for Susana to do while we were away being part of the church events.

And we proudly lifted high the flag of Haiti!

We truly love Haiti.

When we think about all the challenges we faced in getting ready to move to Haiti, getting settled, learning to live there and speak the language, an earthquake, being sick, serving people that are no easier to serve than the people around us, and leaving it all behind to tend to Susana’s illness while still serving the people there, I am reminded that there is no greater joy than sharing Christ with people even in the midst of our hardships. Christ is worth it. He truly is. And these things we have experienced and continue to experience are truly temporary. One may think that the harder the job the more clear it is that we should reconsider and give up, but the truth is that it is in the hardships of ministry and life that we find the strength to continue to lift up the name of Christ. He didn’t give up for me. He endured the cross. We are, by His grace, enduring ours.

We don’t seek to leave our mark, but HIS. And even though ours may be only a small mark, yet we joyfully do whatever He wants in order to glorify the name of Jesus in this tiny country filled with so many needs.

Please continue to pray for Haiti. And pray for us. Pray that we might be found faithful in the work God has called us to do. We cannot do all we do with out your prayer support. –Maria

The large screen of Biltmore Baptist Church displaying a verse in Haitian Creole.

And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. –Luke 10:2

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