Forgotten…but not gone

Yes, my friends.  This is Haiti today.  You won’t see much on the news these days.  You won’t hear much talk of it in the work place.  You won’t see it in the daily newspaper.  To many people, Haiti is forgotten already.  But I hope these few pics show you that she may be forgotten, but she is not gone.  Life goes on like this every day for these people who have suffered so much.  They are in desperate need for help.  Funding is needed to rebuild homes, schools, businesses, churches, orphanages, etc.  Please remember Haiti in your prayers and in your giving efforts.  Get involved.  Make a difference.  Change a life.

Depending on water tanks from aid agencies to bathe and wash clothes
Even the puddles are used for water to wash clothes
Making use of whatever is given to make a house
Piles of rubble indicate some work being accomplished
A common sight that shows much work still needs to be done.

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