A good trip to Haiti

So, this is just a quick post to let you all know that my trip to Haiti went very good.  God continues to bless the ministry that we have started there.  Fenel, our Ministry Director, is doing an awesome job managing the day to day activities.  The Lord is opening some new doors for us as well as closing other ones.

Unfortunately, the pastor that we have been working with in a church in our community has become rather controlling and is hindering us from ministering to the children.  After a very long meeting with him on Wednesday night, I came away with the realization that we really cannot go any further with the church in terms of partnership, but that we will continue to seek sponsorship and provide daily food for the children that are part of his church.  I had hoped to spend a lot of time with the children and meet their caregivers to thank them for taking in these orphaned children, but for some reason the pastor did not think that would be a good idea and said that we would not be allowed to do that.   It is hard to explain Haiti.  But it is what it is.  And so, I was somewhat discouraged by his actions, but also thankful that the Lord is revealing these things to us before we got any further.  Haiti requires the most extreme discernment.  And sometimes I am too naive and trusting of somebody even though I don’t really know them…that’s not the greatest characteristic one should have as a missionary in Haiti.  That could be a set up for getting burned.  And so I pray that the Lord allows me to gain more discernment and wisdom as we navigate a system that is so foreign to us.

The next day, Fenel and I visited the feeding program that we have started in Marigot,  a town outside of Jacmel.  It was great to go there and see all the children get fed a nutritious hot meal.  It is amazing how excited children get simply because they have a plate of food put before them.  It is also amazing to think that Jesus said, “In as much as you have done it to the least of these brothers of mine, you have done it to me.”  And He was talking about seeing somebody hungry and feeding them.  And so, as we are providing food for several children each day, we are worshipping God and serving Him.  That is so cool.  And I could  just feel the presence of the Lord while we were there spending time with the children.  It was very special.  Check it out…

Joyfully waiting for the food to come
Smiling faces
Ann manje! (Let's eat!)
contentment is a full belly
The storehouse will soon be filled

On Saturday, I left Jacmel and went 4 hours north to Titanyen, a desert town just outside of Port au Prince.  I visited with an orphanage there that was just started by my Haitian friend Oscar.  He is a godly guy who really loves the Lord and really loves children.  I was thrilled to see how he is caring for the children and teaching them about Jesus.  He just started his orphanage and he has so few resources.  So, after praying about it, we believe that the Lord is leading us to bring some resources his way.  We also are trying to get the children there sponsored.  Some of the children are orphans as a result of the earthquake.  Some have been abandoned by their mother.  Some were former child slaves.  All of them are in great need.  Fenel and I spent some time there just playing and worshipping with the children.  Then we gave them some peanut butter and crackers.  They really liked that.  I would like to get some mission teams involved in helping get this orphanage more equipped.  Here are some pics…

Singing songs to Jesus
Making some new friends
Yes, I have a favorite...her name is Saintaline. She was a child slave.
My good friend Oscar...the Director of Victorious Kids Orphanage

So, after spending time with Oscar and the orphaned children, and taking pictures of all the kids for the sponsorship program, I spent the rest of my day visiting the other Global Outreach missionaries that live on the base right in Titanyen.  I had a great time visiting with all of them and was very thankful to spend some time with the Bruns family. They are very special to us.

So, there you have it.  My trip to Haiti in a nutshell.  It was a great trip and am thankful to see how the Lord is blessing the ministry.  It is all His doing.  We are just thankful to be a part of it.

Last night, I took my wife out for a special date to celebrate some awesome things that the Lord is doing in our lives. We had a great time.  I also surprised her by telling her that I am sending her to Haiti in November for about 4 or 5 days.  She was so excited!!!!   She can’t wait to get back to the island that she loves.

Today begins the Global Impact Missions Conference for our church.  We are really excited to get together with all of the other missionaries and share with the people the wonderful things that the Lord is doing around the world.  It is such a joy to serve the living God.  He is so good.