Team Update

So far, things are going great with our team here in Haiti.  If it didn’t take so long to upload pictures, I would put  bunch on here.  But we just don’t have the time.

Yesterday, the team went to church and had their first Haitian church experience.  They felt very welcomed by the pastor and the church members.  They also got the chance to meet some of the children who we will be working with this week.

After church, Fenel and I visited the woman whose home we plan on building.  While we were gone, the team went around our neighborhood and had a blast meeting all of the children and sharing God’s love with them.  They played for quite some time.

Today, the guys began the home construction.  Well, actually they just spent the day knocking down the old “so called” house and digging the foundation for the new one.  They certainly worked up quite a sweat.

While the guys were doing that, I took the women to the orphanage that we often visit.  The women adored all the babies and we all just spent well over and hour just holding all the babies.  I saw Mackenson and he looks great.  I held him for a long time and prayed over him.

The guys are still at the sight digging as the women are here at the mission house waiting for the 23 orphaned children to arrive so that they can do some activities with them.

Everybody has been really thrilled so far with their experience and how God is using them.

Sorry that this post does not have much character to it.  My heart is heavy right now as I got word from Maria that Susana is not doing great today.  She may have to go to the hospital if her fever does not go down.  She was at the clinic all day getting blood because her counts are very low.  So, although I am here in Haiti, my heart is elsewhere at the moment.  Please pray for our little girl.  If she does not get better and has to go to the hospital, then I may have to come home early.  Please just pray.

3 thoughts on “Team Update

  1. cody: praying for you in haiti, and for susana. keeping isabella in prayers as well, and also maria. praying for all of you. (even casey!!!)

    we love you guys!
    mike sharon rhiannon and desiree

  2. Praying for the little one to be conforted and recover quickly. Praying for mom and dad to have the peace that passes all understanding. Praying for the big sister to be an encouragement with her child-like faith to all three of you. Praying for the family to have such sweet sweet times together whether near or far.

  3. Cody and Maria, I can not imagine what you are going through. Your faith in our GREAT Lord and Savior WILL see you through this. Great is His faithfulness! These are the tough moments you were talking about earlier….that it would come. God is there and holding you all close in the Mighty Power of His hands! I will continue to pray for you both and Precious Susana and Isabela!

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