Quick update…

Susana is doing much better.  She completed her 3rd round of chemo and was discharged on Sunday night.  But she was still vomiting from the meds the next day, so we had to bring her to the clinic to get fluids.  The doctors said that she did really well throughout the treatment and were not worried about the vomiting since it is expected because of the particular chemo drugs that she had this round.

So, she had some bad tummy aches for the first few days, but today we went to the clinic to get her blood counts checked, and everything came back great.  Her counts were up enough where she did not need blood.  Praise the Lord.  We will go back to the clinic on Friday for one more check before the weekend.  Her tummy is feeling better and she is sipping on gatorade throughout the day so that she stays hydrated.  She is also starting to regain her appetite.

I leave for Haiti tomorrow morning.  I will be there for a week.  One of the main objectives  have in going there is to gather more information about the orphaned children so that we can develop a sponsorship program for them.  Currently, there are 23 orphaned children that we are working with.  I will be assessing their current living situation to determine what kind of placement may be needed.  We are not trying to get them into an orphanage, but rather into families in the community through some of the churches that we are working with.  Its almost like we are trying to develop a foster care type of ministry.  Figures that God would use my background working in social services for all these years prior to going into full-time ministry.  We also have a small team coming from my home state of Connecticut.  We will be building a house, perhaps a house for a family that will care for some of the orphaned children, we’ll see.

So, my next post will be from our mission house in Haiti.  Time to get to bed now for 5 and a half hours.  Bon nuit.

One thought on “Quick update…

  1. praise the Lord for how well susana is doing!
    we will be keeping her and your entire family in prayer!
    also praying for your time in haiti.

    in Him

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