In Haiti

Back in Haiti again.  Why does Port au Prince look like nothing has changed since the earthquake, yet Jacmel looks like a lot has changed?  I am very impressed with how well Jacmel is being cleaned up after the quake.

So, we just had a team leave this morning that was here all last week.  I only got to spend one day with them, but it was good to get to know them, and Fenel told me that they were awesome.  We were supposed to take the team to Basin Bleau for a fun day, but as we were heading out, it began to downpour, so we had to quickly abort mission.  I am so excited that this team, along with our master carpenter Fenel, built bunk beds for our mission house!  Sweet!!!  No more sleeping on air mattresses, although the truth is that the air mattresses are super comfortable.  The team also did a lot of outreach in some of the communities where we are ministering.  They showed the Jesus Film a few times, Fenel preached a salvation message, and 4 people committed their lives to the Lord.  God is moving in our midst.  They also spent the week ministering to the orphaned children that we are working with.

The team left this morning and another team (team of 4 from Calvary Chapel in Uncasville, CT) arrived a few hours later, therefore I spent the whole day in Port au Prince, leaving at 4AM to drop off the team that was leaving and then getting back to Jacmel this evening after picking up the arriving team.  Needless to say, I am beat.  The team is great.  They are very excited for the upcoming week as this is the first mission trip that any of them have been on.  2 guys will be building a house this week for a family that is helping the orphaned kids, and the 2 women will just do some serious loving on many children throughout the week.  I am very excited to see what the Lord is going to do.

I miss my wife and kids, but it was good to see them today via video chat…