Back with the fam….

Good to be back home with my wife and children.  Susana is doing great!  We just went to the clinic today and her counts are very good.  Lord willing, she will begin her next round of chemo on Wednesday.

Isabela is doing great.  She just spent the day with a friend of hers and has a great time.  Man, I always miss my girls so much when I am away, but it is so good to get all the make up kisses and hugs from the days that I was gone.

Maria is doing well.  She is happy because I brought back from Haiti all of her card making and scrapbooking material that we had left there.  So, even though I wasn’t able to get EVERYTHING, she is still happy as right now she is making a card at the dining room table.  It is good to be back together with my better half.

So, I praise the Lord for getting home safe and thank all of you for your prayers.

5 thoughts on “Back with the fam….

  1. cody…glad u are home. and i know how sweet it feels to be reunited with your love and your children after even a brief time apart.
    rejoicing that susana’s levels are good. and that isabela is doing well…

    keeping u in prayer every step of the way.
    the battle may be uphill at times, but through the Lord we are seeing the enemy losing ground inch by inch. moment by moment. day by day.


  2. PRAISE THE LORD!! God is SO good! Holding you all up in prayer!
    Cody, I am so glad you were able to stay in Haiti as long as you were able, even under difficult circumstances, and then get home safetly to be home with your special family! Precious Susana…hang on sweet girl…God is BIGGER than all this. You are such a strong brave girl! Isabela is so blessed to have you as her sister! Trust in His mercy and grace! He Loves you so much and is gently holding you, Mommy, Daddy, and Isabela in the palm of His soveriegn and strong hands! My seven year old Alyssa and five year Jacob are praying for you daily. Thank you Maria for also letting everyone know about Daisy Love. God is and will continue to work in all of your lives in a mighty and AWESOME way! I can’t wait to meet you Maria some day! You are a very strong person, even though you may not always feel that way! 🙂 You all have been a great encouragement to me! God works in awesome and mysterious ways…

  3. Hey Whittaker’s! Sorry it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me, but I want you to know that I’ve been keeping up with you and praying for you, and every day…THINKING OF YOU!!! I miss you all, and I praise God for all the awesome things that He is doing through your ministry to Haiti, and for the awesome healing He has been doing in Susana! I think about her often, and I’m praying for God’s healing hand to rest gently on her!

    Love you guys, big time!

  4. Lance,

    We love you bro. Thanks so much for continuing to pray for our family and our ministry in Haiti. I look forward to being able to see you again some day.

  5. Rebecca,

    Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement. Wow, those days of SCSU seem like an eternity ago don’t they? But God has been faithful through the years in keeping us both focused on Him so that we would bring Him glory with our lives. Your prayers and encouragement mean a lot coming from somebody who has gone through challenging medical issues with her own children. We’ll definitely have to visit you and your husband and children some day since we are not so far away.

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