3rd Round of chemo for Susana

We are back in the hospital getting Susana’s 3rd round of chemo.  She was admitted sooner than expected because her counts were so good.  This round includes some medicines that are supposed to make her very sick, but so far she has not had any problems whatsoever.  Please pray that the Lord protects her body in a divine way and that she does not suffer any great pain.

And of course continue to pray for total healing.  The truth is that so far, her treatment couldn’t be going any better.  She is doing wonderful and the doctors continue to give good reports.  But, we still know that this is just the beginning of a long road that often comes with many trials and setbacks along the way.  We are prepared for those setbacks, but so far things have been going according to schedule.

We take things one day at a time and trust Him for the grace that He provides.

I had a great meeting today with a pastor and a business owner about their desire to help sponsor the orphaned children in Haiti that we are working with.  The Lord is definitely giving us favor regarding our ministry in Haiti.  And this just shows us that it has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with Him.

I get ready to head to Haiti one week from today.  We have the first of our three consecutive teams for July arriving this Saturday.  It will be a very busy, yet productive and awesome month for our ministry.  My main objective in going down next week is, in addition to helping with the teams, to meet with every orphaned child that we are working with and observe his current living situation to determine if we need to work on getting placement.  I am very excited to see what the Lord is doing.  It is such a joy to serve, even in the midst of pain.

On a personal note, please keep me in prayer as the Lord is really doing some major reconstructive surgery on my own heart.  It has been a time of painful realizations of some ugly things that He wants to change, but at the same time some deep joy as He is given access to parts of my heart that have been closed or hardened for some time.  It makes me realize how much more of Him I need in my life each and every minute.  And it makes me so thankful for His grace which reaches even the dregs of my heart.

I always remember a quote I heard from way back when I first came to know the Lord. “God loves you exactly as you are, but He loves you too much to leave you that way.”

– Thankful that He is not through with me….

7 thoughts on “3rd Round of chemo for Susana

  1. Great news Brother! Thank your for the chat and encouragement today! The Lord has his hand in it all. Oh, how I wish we could be hooking up when I’m in Haiti. Sorry we will miss eachother this round. Perhaps next time (Lord willing). Love you Bro! Praying for you all!

    B Mac

  2. praying for susana and praising the Lord that she is doing so well with the treatment and no ill effects.
    praying for you cody, as you get ready to go to haiti to work with the teams and to assess the chidrens’ situation, and also as the Lord works in your own life.
    praying for maria, for the Lord’s peace and comfort. and praying for isabela for the Lord’s comforting hand in her life.

  3. I am continuing to pray for Susana in her 3rd round of chemo. I also have my prayer warrior friends praying with me for her. I will also pray for your heart and God’s work in you, Cody. Blessings to you as you travel to Haiti.

  4. Praise the Lord for the GREAT news! Susana is such a precious gift and she is resting and protected in the palm of our Great Lord’s hand. God is so faithful and merciful! I am praying for you Cody, Maria, Susana, and Isabela! May you all rest in the Lord and find great peace with each passing day. Our GREAT Lord and Savior can do exceedingly more than we can ever imagine. I am praying for safety, strength, peace and comfort as you travel back to Haiti Cody. God is doing a great work in your heart…He will not leave you comfortless. Maria, you have been a great encouragement to me! God Bless you all!

  5. Aha…that’s who Rebecca and Jim Lynch are who sent the teddy bear to Susana! Thanks so very much for your thoughtfulness and love. She is laying down in bed right now with the bear by her side. She also wants me to tell you “thank you”. Sorry for not getting back to you in a while…its been rather crazy, but anyway, at some time, we will connect. God bless you and your family.

    Cody (aka…Pastor Jimmy)

  6. I totally understand Cody!! You are all overwhelmed and being bombarded by a lot! Just let me know if you need anything when you get a chance; whenever. I know you have a big month ahead of you in Haiti. I live down the road from you now….Greer, SC. My life is pretty hectic (my now five year old son has Autism and both children have chronic medical conditions, but I always have time for an “old” friend from CT and SCSU. 🙂 🙂
    I miss Linda and Mike and the rest of the gang! God is SOOOO Good! You are all in our prayers! Be safe and give everyone a hug for me! A package for the girls is on the way!! My seven year old daughter Alyssa wanted to give Susana one of her barbie’s also! We do not know what the girls like. God Bless!!!! ~Rebecca (AKA Becka Lee)

  7. Cody and Maria,

    I have been a board member of Global Outreach for about 20 years. I had followed your blog right after the earthquake but had not checked back for awhile there are so many missionaries to keep up with.
    I just read of Susana illness. Though we have not met I consider you all part of my extended family through Global Outreach. I can’t imagine the ordeal you are experiencing. Your faith humbles me. Be sure my wife Nancy and I are praying for a miraculous healing for Susana. In the mean time continue to depend on Jesus for your daily strength.

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