M prale Ayiti (I’m going to Haiti)

Yup…I just booked my ticket today.  I am thankful that my wife has been totally encouraging me to go.  I told her that I would only go as long as Susana was feeling good and as long as we were settled in.  So, praise the Lord that Susana has been doing great and praise the Lord that we are getting settled here in Asheville.  God is good.

We both really miss Haiti.  I was not thinking that I was going to go until maybe next month when we have 2 more teams coming down.  But after Maria watched a video on Facebook posted by Hands and Feet Project, which featured some of the work and ministry that we were doing, she came to me with full conviction and said, “I really really want you to go to Haiti.”  So, since we have 2 teams coming in the next few weeks, it is a good time for me to go and help lead these teams along with our awesome ministry right hand man Fenel (I have to come up with a better title than “right hand man”).  It is going to be a great week.

The first few days I will be catching the end of the first team that is coming, which includes my good friend Terry who is the Missions Pastor at a church in Delaware.  We did a lot of outreach together in the inner city of Wilmington.  It will be great to see him in Haiti and show him what we are doing so that he can go back and pray with the church with regards to partnering with our ministry.

Then I will have a few days for Fenel and I to get everything ready for the next team that will arrive a few days later.  This is a large team from my church, Biltmore Baptist that is coming.  There will be about 15 people.  We will be focusing on Jean Franko’s church just down the street from our mission house.  We will do some building and repair work on his home as well as do some VBS type ministry to the children in the church and community.  We will also focus a lot of our attention on the 20 or so orphaned children that the church is currently caring for.  It is going to be a great week.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to stay for the entire week since I will have already been there 4 days prior to their arrival.  So, I will head back to the states mid-week and leave the team in good hands with Fenel.  We also will have another woman who will be helping us out with the teams those 2 weeks.  She is a good friend of Fenel and Mimi.  She lives in the states and will be coming down to help us out with the teams.

I will be heading down to Florida early next week just before flying to Haiti.  I am driving down there so that I can purchase a 4 wheel drive truck and ship it to Haiti so that we can have it for our ministry, which we really need to be able to haul supplies and stuff.  I am excited to see how the Lord is blessing the ministry and bringing forth fruit for His glory.

Ayiti….mwen sonje ou anpil…..

Keep praying for Susana!!!!  We go to the doctor tomorrow just to check her blood counts.  She has been doing great,  so keep on praying!!!!

3 thoughts on “M prale Ayiti (I’m going to Haiti)

  1. Cody, I am really excited that you will be there the week Terry is there. I have been praying and have felt a real connection to you and Maria and the girls. I look forward to reading your updates and even more excited to hear how good Susana is doing. You all have been so encouraging to me and you are ministering here in the states as well as Haiti. I would love to meet you all in person but with Terry coming down at least he will be bringing all our love from Hockessin Baptist. God bless you.

  2. Awesome! Praise God that He’s made a way for you to return to Haiti at this time! Just reading your post creates such a stir in my soul to return to Jacmel as soon as the Lord leads! We love you guys, and I promise to continue lifting up your little girl…and your beautiful family! Tell Fenel that Lance says ‘hi’! Miss you guys, big time! And I pray that God will reunite us all in Haiti as soon as He desires! I long to be there…

    Praying for blessings over your time in Haiti – what great news!!!

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