First few days in Haiti

Aside from leaving my laptop at the airport check point never to see it again, and leaving the power cord of a new computer that a friend asked me to purchase for him and bring down, things have been good.

The whole reason I left my computer and threw away the power cord of the other computer is because Spirit Airlines deceived me into thinking that I am allowed to check in 2 bags, both of which I paid for on-line prior to my trip, only to be told at the airport terminal that I can only check one bag and that I was going to have to condense my 2 bags into one before they could issue me my ticket.  So, I had to rush and take all my stuff out of one bag and jam stuff it into the other one, while still keeping it under 50 lbs because they also stated that they will not take any bags over the weight limit.

Anyway, in my haste, I took my friend’s brand new computer out of the box to conserve space, but I forgot to take the power cord out as well and so I ended up throwing it away at the airport.  Then, I had to take all my clothes and jam stuff them into my carry on backpack.  At the security check point, I pulled out my laptop and sent it through separately, rushed through the rest because I was late due to having to repack my suitcases, and I left for the gate without remembering to pick up my laptop.  Bummer!!!

I called them a few times since then and they said that nobody has returned a laptop to them…of course they didn’t.  So, I leave it in the Lord’s hands and I pray for the person who stole my laptop.  I pray that perhaps they will start it up and see some of my documents or recent websites that speak of the Lord and His goodness.  I pray that the person will be convicted of what they did and they will return it.  But I must remember that vengeance belongs to the Lord.  So, I leave it in His hands and I move on.

It was great to see Fenel outside the airport waiting for me.  The drive through Port au Prince was an immediate reminder of what I left behind, but have not forgotten.  The damage in Port au Prince is exactly the same as it was since I left.  It is so sad to know that billions of dollars have been sunk into Haiti and it still has not yet really reached the places where it is most needed.

Hey, here is something that I learned:  Port au Prince has ATM machines!  And guess what?  Of the 4 that we went to, one of them actually worked!  Haha.  So, after about 2 hours of trying to get cash, we finally scored and I was able to withdraw the maximum amount allowed at that ATM…about $100  Woo Hoo!!!  So, because this amount was ridiculously low, we still had to find a bank since our chances of finding another working ATM were no better than seeing a fat cow in Haiti.

After waiting about an hour and a half at the bank, we finally got some cash and we were able to purchase 10 chairs for the mission house.  Then, we headed down to Jacmel.

It was great to get back to Jacmel and see everything that has become so familiar to me.  What was even better was that I was able to see my good friend Terry who was there for the week with a small team of 4.  We went out to dinner at Cap Lanmandou and had a good time.

The next day, him and another guy, Mike Fig…, came by the mission house and I took them around our neighborhood and showed him the different places where we have been ministering to families in our community.  They brought some soccer balls and volley balls as well as some candy and gave these out to the kids.  we had a great time.  I showed them the houses that we have built.  Every person who we built a house for insisted that we all come inside their house and have a picture taken with them.  they are still just so happy about having a new home.  Praise God for the impact that it has made.

After spending some time there, I took them down the street to Jean Franko’s church where we were able to spend some time with some of the orphaned children there.  it was so good to see Jean Franko.  We were both very happy to see each other.  This is where we will have the upcoming Biltmore Baptist Team focus a lot of their efforts.  We are going to be doing home repair to Jean Franko’s house since it sustained a lot of damage from the earthquake.  We will also be doing a VBS type outreach for the orphaned children during the week.  We also have a bunch of clothes and shoes that we will give the children.  On Wednesday night, I will be preaching there, and then after the service we will have a very fun night with the kids and the church members.  I am really excited about the Biltmore Team coming.  We are going to have a great time.

Terry and his group left on Friday afternoon.  It was great to be able to spend some time with them, show them what we are doing, and share with them some more about our vision for ministry.  Lord willing, he will be back with a group from the church some time later this year.  I am so glad that he had a great time while he was here in Haiti.

Last night, it was so stinkin’ hot that I had to sleep with 3 fans on me, and even then I was dripping with sweat!  It was pure misery!!!  It is certainly getting hot down here.  I hope the Biltmore Team can handle it cuz it’s nothin’ at all like the summers in Asheville, NC.

Today, I did not leave the Mission House.  I spent the entire day cleaning, organizing, and getting the house ready for the upcoming team.  So, things are looking good and we are ready to rock and roll.

2 thoughts on “First few days in Haiti

  1. Cody – this is awesome! Man, I wish I could be there with you! I do love Haiti, and her people!

    I’m so glad to hear about your little girl and the good results you all have been seeing from her treatment – what a blessing!!! Thank You Father for Your faithfulness and goodness!

    I’m loving the new truck, as well – what a perfect vehicle to have in Haiti. I know that it will be used mightily by God, as you reach out to bless the families in the mountains and Jacmel.

    I’ll definitely throw out some prayers for your laptop – that would be extremely frustrating! But I know that God will be faithful to you, as you step out to minister to His sheep.

    I love you guys! I know that God will bring us together again someday – and I’m looking forward to it! Let your lovely wife and beautiful girls know that I’m thinking about them and praying for them!

    “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.
    Trust in the LORD forever, for in Yah, the LORD, is everlasting strength.” Isaiah 26:3, 4

  2. God bless you guys! May God bless the love that pours through the mission house. Much love to the kids in the neighborhood.

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