Bondye Kapab Fe Tout Bagay!!

“God can do all things!”  This is my favorite saying when I am talking with haitian people about what their needs are.  I guess it is a way to take me off the hook so that they are not looking to me to meet their needs.  I tell them, in a sense, not to look to me, but to look to God because God is the One who is able to meet their needs.

Then, when God does use us to meet that need, they are more prone to give thanks to God rather than to us because they know that it was God who ultimately came through.

Last week, while in Haiti, I was meeting with Pastor Jean Franko and talking about the orphaned children that we are now able to provide food for on a daily basis.  He was very happy that the orphaned kids are getting food, but he mentioned that it is creating somewhat of a problem for the other children who were not receiving food.  he said that there were about 25 other children that basically had to watch these orphan children eat while they themselves did not eat.

So, you know what I told Jean Frank right?  “Bondye kapab fe tout bagay!”  He agreed and I said that we will pray and ask the Lord to provide more food so that all of the kids in the church can receive food each day.

Also, a few months ago, Fenel and I were meeting with Josue, the Director of the school in Marigot that we are partnering with.  He also was telling us of the need for many things, including food, for his school.  Without promising anything, I simply reminded him, “Bondye kapab fe tout bagay.”  From time to time since then, we have been able to provide some food to his program, but we never had enough to give food for all the kids on a daily consistent basis.

Well…God is able to do all things.  Tonight, I give Him praise as I just learned that our application to receive food from another mission organization was approved and we will start receiving food that will provide for 400 kids daily!!!!

So, all of the children in Jean Franko’s church will now be fed daily.  And all of the kids at the school in Marigot will now be fed daily.  There will be some happy faces!!  Praise the Lord for how He provides.

I will never get tired of saying, “Bondye kapab fe tout bagay!!!!”

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