Biltmore Baptist Haiti Week in Pictures

Destruction in Port au Prince
Tent cities still everywhere
Baby Mackenson looking very healthy and happy
One of the 23 orphans we are helping
One of the orphaned girls
Another one of the orphan girls
Older orphaned girl named Claudia
Little orphaned girl named Bertine
Hanging out with the kids!
Francie hanging out with the kids in Kap Wouj
How’s that for a guitar?
Fun with the kids in Kap Wouj
Piling in the pickup on the way to Kap Wouj
Cody sharing about Jesus with all the kids
A family on mission…nothing better than that!
The construction crew!
Bringing food to our new feeding program in Marigot
Sorting clothes to give to the orphaned children
Carl Toth sharing the message of Jesus with many children
And loving on the one…
The orphaned kids made crowns…and were loved much by so many
So many happy faces in front of our mission house
Walking down the street displaying the glory of God!

One thought on “Biltmore Baptist Haiti Week in Pictures

  1. AMAZING! Thanks so much for your beautiful post. How wonderful to see the Lord working in the hearts of these beautiful children. I am sure the team from Biltmore was blessed 10x over by these beautiful children. Praying for the ministry in Haiti as well as your family.

    Keep shining,

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