So beautiful…So bald…So brave

That’s our little Susana!  I have to tell you that Susana is the most beautiful little bald girl I have ever seen.  I always told Maria that we should get radical one day and cut Susana’s hair really short because I know that she would look super cute since her face is so tiny.  Of course, she never went for it.  But here we are today with not just short hair, but no hair.  And I knew it!!  I knew that she would look so incredibly cute.  Her face is so adorable!!!  I can’t stop kissing her head!!

So, things have been going good these last few days aside from the fact that we know we are going to be inpatient still for 8 more days.  We have already been here 6 days straight.  This was all because Susana picked up an infection when she was released last week.  She was in ICU for 3 days, but then she was brought up to the oncology unit where we are now.  Her infection seems to be gone.  The blood cultures have been negative for the last 4 days, but they feel that she needs to stay here for a total of ten days just as a precaution so that they can continue to administer the antibiotics through her I V and monitor her to make sure that the infection doesn’t come back.  Pray that the infection is gone so that they don’t have to remove her pick line.

She is doing really good right now.  Her blood counts are all up, but one is just a little low.  If it doesn’t come up by this afternoon they will do a transfusion.  But they think that they will come up on their own.

She has been eating somewhat better, but still needs to eat and drink more.  They had her on a TPN for a few days where she was getting nutrition through the I V, but now that she has started eating better they decided to stop it.  Also, they just stopped her I V fluids since we are getting her to drink more.  Today she had a piece of bread, a cherry pastry, and half a box of Boost nutritional drink for breakfast.  For lunch she had a few chicken nuggets, some fries, and the other half of the box of Boost.  So, she is getting better, but we still need to get her to eat more.  Please keep this in your prayers.

Susana is sitting up and playing with all the new packages that arrived today (thanks Aimee and thanks to the youth group at The Foundry in AZ.)  Her and her sister are having a lot of fun with all the stuff.

I am about to leave with Isabela to check in at the time share condo that my Dad and his wife have gifted to us for the next 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, Maria and I will not be able to enjoy this place together except for maybe the last few days since we will be alternating staying overnight at the hospital.  But we will still have lots of fun with Isabela.  She can’t wait to go swimming at the pool.  I can’t wait to chill in the hot tub.

12 thoughts on “So beautiful…So bald…So brave

  1. Hey Code-

    How’s it going? I knew Susana would still be beautiful without hair. Her face is too perfect. She’s like a little porcelein (sp?) doll.

    So you’re really good about returning phone calls these days….I guess I will cut you a break 🙂 Anyway, let me know how the time share is. Tell both girls we love them and miss them. We all pray for Susana every night before bed.


  2. We are still praying as always for your little Susana…She is on all the prayer lists that I know and I know how awesome our God is! We also are praying for you both and little Isabella as you go through this season that you will be enveloped in His love and Peace.

  3. Still in our prayers and yeay on the eating … now get a rainbow of color in her – fresh fruit and veggies. she will recover so much quickly if she has good quailty GOD MADE FOOD, not man made food. this will also help her immune system. I don’t want this to sound mean, BUT i makes my heart sad to think a hospital would feed nuggets and fries to a sick child. They are the worst, is not going to give her body QUALITY HEALING nutritional support, LIKE GOD FOODS. Please know I only say this because of my love for you guys.

  4. Hey guys! Glad to hear you will be going to a familiar face surrounded by loved ones. That will definitely make things easier on you. After Trent’s first chemo we had his hair cut off when it first started to fall out. That was such an emotional blow as a mother so I am lifting up Maria in extra prayer. I eventually came to love that bald little head and got so used to it I forgot what he looked liked with hair! It is now growing back in so thick and I just want to encourage you that if you will continue to stand on God’s Word and declare healing over Susana, life will eventually become “normal” again. Well almost normal. It will be better than before because you will have a deeper appreciation of life and the simple things most people take for granted. I’m forever changed and wake up every day more thankful to the Lord than the day before!!! He is an awesome God!! I hope you received the CDs and book I sent. God bless y’all, Misty Floyd

  5. cody and maria: keeping your brave warrior princess in prayer.
    and also isabella and both of you. our God IS an awesome God!

  6. Both your family and your daughter are in my prayers every night. I’m touched with your strength in your faith through such adverse and trying times. I’ll continue to pray for her continued health and well being.

  7. There’s just no way Susana could be anything but
    beautiful. Keep kissing that cute little head.
    Thanks for keeping us updated. Love to you all.

  8. Cody,

    My family has been praying for your beautiful little girl and your family since Michael and Linda first passed along the news of Susana’s diagnosis. The way that you have shared this journey and the faith that sustains you has been such a blessing to me. I often times find myself praying for the countless number of people whose lives will be changed simply from watching your family’s example. God is so amazing! I wanted to let you know that we are (somewhat) nearby in Lexington, Sc. If you need anything throughout your move back to Ashville please let me know. We will continue to pray and to pass your name along to others for prayer.

  9. we are praying for you, Thanks for keeping us updated here at the global campus in HAiti Glen and linda Erickson

  10. We keep you in our prayers. God is so good, so just keep him above everything……even the bad. He will always take care of little Susana. She is so beautiful, inside and out. Who needs hair when you have that huge heart?

  11. Hi Cody and Maria,
    I am with Chuck Durrant’s connect group at Biltmore and I have been praying for you all ever since we got word about Susanna. I keep praying God will intervene and clear her of all the disease. I know you will welcome being back here in the mountains, so, keep the faith and know you have an army of prayer warriors behind you. God Bless, Love, Linda

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