Jesus…Our only Hope!!

Today has been somewhat emotional as I (Cody) sit in the ICU beside my little girl who is going through so much discomfort and pain. Her fever has been up and down.  She received several transfusions of blood products.  I got her to eat about 12 pieces of pancake, but they also now have her hooked up to nutrients through the I V.  She spent most of the day sleeping today.   My heart just aches for my child and I want to do something to take away her pain…yet I cannot do anything except tell her how much I love her and tell her that Jesus is right here with her.  It is amazing how praying over her calms her and brings her relief.  I also pray that the doctors and nurses are being touched by God as they hear me praying over her every time they come in to do a procedure that might cause her pain.

As I have a flood of different emotions throughout my body at this point, I can only come to ONE rock solid conclusion.  Jesus is our ONLY hope.  I cannot find the comfort that my heart needs simply by reading people’s success stories over neuroblastoma, for with every success story there are also many stories that end in the child losing his/her battle.  I can find some moment of encouragement in these stories, but I cannot rest in these stories.  I cannot find the comfort my heart needs in seeing how Susana has a positive reaction to a medication or a procedure.  Because just as she has a positive reaction to one thing, she then has a negative reaction to something else.  Yes, I praise the Lord for the small victories, but I cannot even rest on that.

I can only find true rest in one truth – Christ in us, our hope of glory.  Christ in Susana – her hope of glory.  9 And trust me – I know Susana loves Jesus.  She always wants to hear the bible read to her.  She always wants to sing worship songs.  She always wants to pray and have Mommy and Daddy pray for her.)   Christ in Isabela – her hope of glory.  Christ in Maria – her hope of glory.  And by the grace of God, ,  Christ in me – my hope of glory.  God is with us. He has saved us by the blood of Jesus.  He has chosen us to be His children.  He has given us the faith needed to follow Him. He has given us the desire to know Him and follow hard after Him.   He has promised us eternal life in heaven.  He has already done everything for us.  And  He has a plan in all of this that will bring glory to His name.

Yes,  He is glorified in delivering His people from their pain, but just as much He is also glorified in His saints suffering and persevering through their pain.  If you don’t believe me, just read the bible and see for yourself.  Read the Book of 1 Peter.  It is all about trusting in the grace of God while undergoing serious trials and suffering.  It is a Book that I studied for several months straight just over a year ago, and now I am drawing from the truths found in it.   Many of the saints brought glory to the Lord by enduring their most difficult moments, some in which they lived through, but  some of which even led to death.  And that’s the only reason I can even write about the dreaded word “death”, because Christ is alive.  He has swallowed up death in victory.  He has forever taken the sting out of  death.  And this is Christ in us – the hope of glory.  This is my ONLY hope.  In this truth does my heart find the rest that it so desperately needs this very moment.

Now, I still pray like never before that God is glorified by saving our little girl and giving her many many years here on this earth to bring glory to His name.  But when all is said and done, I cannot firmly rest on this.  For He may indeed have a different plan to bring glory to His name.  I only rest in the truth that He is good and His love will endure forever.  May we all be encouraged by that one truth alone.          -  Cody

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  1. Thank God Jesus is the only hope!!! He is MORE than enough for what we need, isn’t he?! I really feel the Lord wants to show Himself strong on your behalf! It definitely is a roller coaster ride emotionally and physically. Our hope from the beginning was never in the medicine alone but in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ!! He is God over cancer and He has won the battle. We just have to stand in faith and declare His word and it will be as He has said. Bless you guys and praying for Susana’s counts to recover quickly and her appetite to return in Jesus’ name! Love you guys, Misty

  2. cody-my heart breaks with yours as i read this post. i fear that it is going to be a long battle with many steps forward and many steps backwards. but we can stand firm in His promises and the assurance that He is sovereign and has not abdicated His throne. His will shall be accomplished and through all of this present darkness, His light shall shine through. many are in prayer expecting the miraculous, instantaneous healing. and this does happen. and i pray for the Lord to do this also. but the reality is that it may not be instantaneous. only the Lord will decide how best to touch susana. and He promises us that His will is always the best for us. the bible tells us how moses sat on a hillside watching a battle, and so long as his hands were raised the people of israel prevailed, but when he lowered them, their enemies prevailed. and that two came forward, and they held up his hands until the day was done so that there could be victory.
    my dear brother…please know that we know your hands are raised to our Lord, in worship, in prayer, in praise supplication.
    and we know that it is at times tiring.
    please know that we know that both you and maria are on the hill watching this battle unfold, hands lifted to the Lord.
    but please also know this.
    that unseen, there are thousands of us around the globe who are beside you, holding your hands and arms up, and maria’s hands and arms up. just as they had done for moses.
    we love you and are focusing so many of our prayers on susana for healing. on isabella who must have so many uncertainties and fears that she may not even be able to talk about. on you and maria for the Lord’s strength, courage and comfort.
    and for your entire famiy.
    you are not alone. there are thousands who are praying…
    and you are not alone, for the Lord is there with you.
    we love you all

  3. Dear Cody and Maria,

    I share your story today with my sister in Cuba, she will share it at her church, and they will pray for Susana and your family as well. My heart and prayers are with you, our hope is Jesus as you well said! Amen to that!

    With love,


  4. And He is indeed being glorified even in this trial, Cody. There are so many people you don’t even know who are being uplifted, encouraged, and having their faith strengthened through the faith and trust in God that you show. I am one of them. My prayers have been, and will continue to be, that God will give your family strength as you go through this trial, that if it be His will, that he will heal Susana completely, but that in all of this, He will be glorified and the world will know that he is Lord through all of this. God bless you.

  5. Tears stream down my face as I read your story!
    I have never been so moved by someones faith and love for the Lord.
    Susana remains in our prayers along with your whole AMAZING and COURAGOUS family!

  6. Dear beloved Brother and Sister,
    My tears fall, my chest aches and the lump in my throat
    won’t go away. And as I read your words I see the
    heart of God. I see his pain, I see his heart as his
    precious, innocent, beautiful child suffered on this earth.
    And not just his first Son but all his innocent Children
    who suffer here. And yet..He is so Good and his
    love will endure forever. HOW DOES HE do it!!
    And this is how we know what love is, because he
    first loved us. Brother, in you I see a heart like His!
    May his love continue to fill and overflow you.
    You all are so loved….

  7. We continue to pray for you all during this time of trial — it was God’s provision that you studied 1 Peter last year, as He was preparing you for what was to come. Your family is such a testimony to the power of God’s Word and every believer’s desperate need to know Him, to truly KNOW the God of the Bible. Without that knowledge, no one can possibly endure such tribulation with any sense of hope. I pray others will seek Him as diligently through your witness. Our prayers for healing, comfort, strength, and God’s glory to be revealed continue without ceasing!!

  8. Boy……Kathy has nailed it ……God Bless all the Whittakers and know we will continue to lift you up in prayer

  9. Hi Cody and family I pray that the Lord’s plans for your family will include the healing of Susane. The Lord has appointed many saints (believers) to pray for her. I have never been good with words and English is not my first language so please forgive me if I don’t express myself clearly enogh. Still with the limitation that that fact imposes on me I wanted to take the oportunity to say that The Lord is using you greatly!!! Thougth this disease you are also doing missionary work and ministering to other’s you must be very Special on the Lords eyes or he had never chosen you for such a hard task. He knows your hearts he knows he can trust you becouse you are not trusting in your self you are trusting and resting in Him. Thank you for sharing your suffering with many and for been an encouragement to others in the midst of your pain. Our Lord is been glorified!!! We will keep praying for you. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

  10. Cody, Maria, remember our converstions we have had on the phone. Trust him for His perfect will and He will give you the strength to deal with it. I pray His perfect will is a perfect recovery free from pain and empowered by His strength while empowering each of you as well. In His name. You have our number 24/7.

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