Good Days to Rejoice!!

Just a basic update post and another time to just give thanks and glory to God.  Susana is doing really well on this second round of chemo.  So far, she has not had any side effects whatsoever, except for one night where she vomited a few times because I tried to get her to take some liquid colase   But aside from that, she has been doing great!  She is extremely lively, she is talking and wanting to play non-stop, she has been going to the playroom every day, and she is just super happy!  Which of course makes us all SUPER happy.  So, she has been in since Monday and she will most likely be discharged tomorrow.  Wow!  That was an easy 5 days.  Praise the Lord for those as we know that there will be much more challenging times ahead.

We are also just so thankful for God’s provision in our lives.  He has blessed us in so many ways.  Our support from our family and friends both near and far has been such a blessing.  We don’t love the fact that we have to be back in the states at this point, but if we do have to be here, there is no better place where we would want to be than here in Asheville.  The mountains are all around us and they are beautiful.  It reminds us of living in Haiti minus the intense heat, malaria, stomach parasites, etc  Haha.  Seriously, we do miss Haiti, but we rejoice in the Lord that He has us here for what we are going through.

I am also excited that our ministry in Haiti is going well.  We have a few teams scheduled to go down in the next month and Lord willing, I may be able to go also.  We are in the process of looking to buy a 4X4 Pickup truck for the ministry there so that we can transport food and supplies way up into the mountains where the people are so impoverished.  Hopefully, we will locate a good vehicle for sale and then ship it over there within the next month.  We also will be starting up our discipleship groups very soon.  It brings us so much joy to know that God’s work is still being done through our ministry in Haiti and that lives are being changed for His glory.  It is our greatest blessing to be part of His kingdom work in Haiti.

Our right hand man in Haiti, Fenel, had a scare this week as his wife had to go to the hospital because of such severe stomach pain.  It turns out that she had appendicitis and had to have her appendix removed.  The surgery went well and she is now recovering thank the Lord.  We really love Fenel and Mimi and the 2 kids that they are caring for.  We miss them so much, but we also talk to them regularly.  I am looking forward to seeing them soon.

So, thank you all for your continued prayers and support.  We serve a mighty big God who truly is able to do more than we could ever ask for, think, or imagine.  And we continue to pray that we get good reports from the doctor like those we have received this week.   – Cody

6 thoughts on “Good Days to Rejoice!!

  1. Praise God for days of play and activity!! You will learn to observe her personal patterns with the chemo treatments and know which days she will need the extra rest. My 4th grade class has been praying for Susana and your family. We rejoice with you. I talked to one of the nurses from 3 North at MCH and she said she is still praying for you all as well. Lean on the everlasting strong arms of our heavenly Father for your strength minute by minute and hour by hour.
    Love in the Lord,
    Su Green

  2. Praise God! We rejoice with you and will continue to pray for Susana’s healing and for God to be glorified through her!


  3. This is welcomed news! Thank you Father for Your love and provision, and for Your mighty hand over Susana and the Whittakers!

    We love you guys, and we’re praying for you constantly – I cannot wait for the day when we all get to hang out together, and I get to watch our children run and play with one another! I’m praying that God will make it happen someday soon! Your family, and your little girls are on my heart!

  4. cody and maria:
    praise the Lord that susana is doing well this course of chemo! to hear that she’s up and playing and happy during it is wonderful!
    the Lord is truly good and is answering prayer and inhabiting our praises.
    i will be praying also for fenel and mimi. it has to be a wonderful blessing to know that your work is in such good hands…a confidence that paul must have had knowing that the church he planted was in timothy’s good hands.
    we are praying and praying and praying, and giving praise for every good report.

    hugs to you, maria, isabella, casey and especially susana! 😀

  5. You’re courage and faith continue to inspire me and bring a smile to my face. I will continue to you pray for Susanna, your family and the people of Haiti. God Bless you all

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