Committed to the Cause(s)

To all of our faithful support team,

As most of you know, our world has yet again been rocked as we have recently learned that our 4 year old daughter Susana has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer called neuroblastoma.  She has already begun chemo treatments, which will probably last more than a year.

We are currently in Miami as she has begun treatment at Miami Children’s Hospital.  This is where my wife brought her initially when she flew with her out of Haiti because Susana was sick and was not getting better.   We do not think that we will stay in Miami long term because we just simply do not like it here.  However, we need to stay long enough until Susana is stable and we are given the clearance to move.  This may be a few months, but only the Lord knows.

Needless to say, the possibility of us returning to Haiti to live there as missionaries is slim to none due to the fact that, should the Lord heal Susana, she will still need consistent medical care for many many years, possibly the rest of her life.  So, we are thinking that we will be stateside for quite a long time and maybe we will never return permanently to Haiti.  Only the Lord knows the future.

However, we still plan to continue the ministry that we have started there.  God has given us a love for the Haitian people and He has given us a plan to minister to the orphaned children and at-risk children.  We already have begun to lay a foundation there and we also have some people on the ground there that are fully committed to carrying out the vision that we have casted.  Lord willing, and once Susana is a little more stable in her treatments, I plan to make trips to Haiti every 6 to 8 weeks for about 4 or 5 days each so that I can help with the ministry that we are doing there.  The rest of the time, I plan to help organize trips, gather needed resources, set up sponsorship programs, and manage the work from the states.  We are still committed to the cause that God has laid on our hearts for the people of Haiti.

I am asking you all to prayerfully consider your continued financial support for our ministry so that the work will continue and lives will be changed for the glory of God.  Our mission board is still keeping us on as missionaries, therefore all support will still be directed through Global Outreach and specified to our account 3015.  Obviously, our role has changed.  We are no longer missionaries IN Haiti, but we are now missionaries TO Haiti.   We may not be able to be living in Haiti and ministering to the children every single day, but we still will be ministering to the children by making sure that the work continues and grows.  We are blessed to have a group of people on the ground there who are committed to seeing our vision carried out.  We have already started the first discipleship group at our new team/discipleship house.  We are also in the process of  developing a program that provides support to families that take in orphaned children.  We also still plan on helping re-build a church in Jacmel that we are partnering with. And we also still have several teams lined up to come this summer to further develop our ministry and to help build homes.   Praise God for the work that He is doing!  And all of these things are made possible by the support that you have been giving.

Our lives have been changed significantly in the blink of an eye.  We have been put on a new path that we ourselves never would have chosen in a million years.  But God already had this path chosen for us before time began.  And we trust that His plan is good. 

We are living every second in the reality that our little girl has cancer.  And with that reality we do not know what the next second holds in store for us.  But the other reality is that life must go on.  We cannot stop living.  we cannot stop giving.  We cannot stop loving.  And we will NEVER stop sharing the love and truth that is found in Jesus Christ. 

So, Lord willing, our plan is to still serve as missionaries to Haiti.  That is the job that God has called us for.  We, of course, will make every necessary change so that our daughter’s treatment and health is prioritized, but we pray that our lives will still be used to minister the love and truth of Jesus to the people of Haiti.  And in order for us to continue, we need you to continue on your end.

We are committed to the cause of walking with our daughter through this most difficult trial that has changed our lives overnight.  And we are still committed to the cause of sharing the love of Jesus in word and deed with the beautiful people of Haiti.  My prayer is that you too will remain committed to both of these causes. 

Thank you all so much for the love and support that you have shown.  We are humbled in the sight of the Lord that He chose to bring all of you into our lives so that His glory would be known to many.  Your prayers, both while we were in Haiti and now here, have been such an encouragement to us.  You may never know on this side of heaven what a blessing you have all been.  We thank the Lord that we are not alone on this journey.

3 thoughts on “Committed to the Cause(s)

  1. Cody and Maria,

    We are not surprised that God is confirming your call to Haiti. As I was reading 1 Peter this morning and then read this, I realized that, even though we make the necessary adjustments, suffering and trials do not negate the call He has placed on our lives. We must continue through the trials. We are responsible to be obedient to the call and He is responsible for the results.

    We believe God can and will use you as powerfully here as He can with you physically in Haiti. He is not limited by location!

    If it is possible, I need a way to contact you or you can call me regarding your needs for an apartment or temporary living conditions as we have had some offers for your family.

    After our son CJ was diagnosed a year and half ago we began a non-profit called CBC, and we have some contacts and resources to help your family so we would like to know how to get them to you and what living arrangements would be best for you.

    Praying for Susana!

    Dawn George


  2. I am continuing to lift your family up in prayer and uplifted by your witness. I heard a song this morning driving into work by Diamond Rio, “God is there”. As I was listening to it, I thought of your family. I know God is in the midst of your situation and nothing is out of his control!

  3. Wow…your testimony is awesome. When my son, Tyler, was diagnosed I couldn’t see past the cancer at any given moment. It hovered over us and consumed my every thought.
    I am so overwhelmed by your strength and conviction during this difficult time and it inspires me!
    Thank you for sharing your life with us!
    Love in Christ

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