Asheville Bound!!!!

That’s right!!  We are moving back to Asheville!  (throngs of cheers rising up now from Asheville, NC…)

We want to be in an area that we really love and that will be best for Susana’s treatment.  There have been so many things thrust upon us in the last few weeks that we have absolutely no control over.  So, we do need to make good decisions based on things that we still do have control over.  And one of those things is determining where to live.

We came to Miami simply because it was the quickest place to get to a hospital when we came from Haiti.  But we have absolutely no desire to live in Miami.  This new journey that we are on will be a painful and difficult one.  We need to be around people that we know and love.  We need to have a church that is so supportive of our family.  And we need to have a place that we all really like.  Isabela needs some serious stability now.  And Susana needs to be in an environment as comfortable and pleasant as possible.  And Mom and Dad need to be in a place where they can receive support and encouragement.  And Dad needs to be in a place where he can fly fish for huge trout!!! Hey, we will all need our outlets to get away right?  Seriously.

So, we love our friends in Asheville.  We love our church, Biltmore Baptist Church.  We love the mountains.  We, well I, love the streams and rivers.  We love that the cost of living will enable us to get a nice place to live.  Asheville will be a good place for us to be.  The girls are so happy!!  We are all so happy!!

We just spoke with our oncologist this afternoon and told him what we were thinking and asked him how soon we could do this.  He said it would be best to do it as soon as she is released from the hospital (10 days) and before she gets her 2nd round of chemo.  So, this will be happening soon, Lord willing.  Our last 2 weeks will be spent here at a very nice time share condo that my Dad and his wife have given us.  that will be a tremendous blessing!

We have been overwhelmed with love and support from church friends here in South Florida.  We are so grateful to Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale for their support in getting us a vehicle and helping us with some things in Haiti.  We are so blessed by our friends Alex and Annabelle Valdes who have been so incredibly supportive and loving.  We will truly miss you.  And we have been blessed by many other churches and friends and family here.  But we just don’t have any desire to call Miami home.  And we believe that moving to Asheville will be a tremendous blessing for our family.

Susana will be getting treated at Mission Hospital for outpatient chemo, and will be referred to Duke for specific procedures and surgeries.  So, we know her care will just as good as anywhere else.  We have already spoken to the research nurse there to make sure that they are familiar with treating neuroblastoma.

Asheville…here we come!!!!   (Thank you Miss Tootie for allowing us to stay at your Mom’s temporarily until we get our own place.  The girls are are so excited to see you…and we are too!!!)

12 thoughts on “Asheville Bound!!!!

  1. cody and maria: this is incredible news. having stability and familiarity of a place one knows and loves is going to be such a healingn thing for susana, comforting for isabella and a blessing to you both.
    will be keeping you in our prayers at all times.
    will there be a po box where we can send cards?
    (i know u don’t have that info yet! 😀 )

  2. There is truly no place like home. Being around people who love all of you will make all of this so much easier to deal with. Especially for Susana. Being in a comfortable place will make things so much easier on her as she progresses in her treatment. It sounds like you have made a wonderful choice.

    The children in the youth group at our church have asked where they might send cards to Susana. As soon as you have an address, if you’d please post it, the kids would love to send her some cards.

    God bless.

  3. we will be so glad to see your smiling faces back at bbc!!
    prayers are being lifted up that these next ten days will go smoothly, susana will be as strong and well as possible, and that the move will be as stress-free as possible.
    we’d be happy to help in any way that we can!

  4. I’ll be praying hard for your move to Asheville! Love you guys and hope to see you someday soon! Lord…love on the Whittakers, and give them tons of blessings as they continue to step out in faith!!!

  5. I am ecstatic!!! Wow! I literally cannot WAIT to hug you all. I can’t even come up with some sort of clever comment to leave, the only thing that comes to mind is quite elementary in fact- So, here it is…. YAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  6. Yes, the roar from BBC is united. We are excited that the Lord has brought you back home. Biltmore Baptist Church has been blessed by the Lord, because We believe that His house shall be a house of Prayer! I have truly grown in my walk because of this. I know, as do so many others that nothing can be done without prayer! Salvation, being filled with the spirit, putting on the armor, confession, repentance. our relationship with God! all of this and so much more thru prayer! We will continue to lift Susana up to the Throne, and will also be praying for your remaining time in Miami. Looking forward to your return to WNC…See ya here, there or in the air!

  7. YAY!!!!!! Please tell us what we can do to help with your move and getting you settled back here!

  8. Woohoo! I left Cody a voice mail with the Angel Flight info. Rick is looking forward to helping you all find housing here in AVL!! We feel so blessed to be a part of your family’s journey. God is so so so good!! :~)

  9. So glad you are able to make this important decision, and sounds like your heart rejoices to be heading back to NC. We will come see you after you are settled – it’s a 3 hr drive for us!

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