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Well,  not really an update on Susana’s condition.  She pretty much remains the same and hasn’t had any further tests done.  One positive report back was that the doctors did not see any results that would show concern about the tumors putting pressure on her spine that may cause paralysis.  So, we thank God for any good news.  She is moving her legs without any problem as of now, so things are looking good with regards to that.  They are waiting for some of the final bone marrow analysis to get the final diagnosis stamped as Neuroblastoma, which they are pretty much positive that it is.  Once that diagnosis is confirmed, they will begin treatment.  They are hoping to get the reports back today so that treatment can begin tomorrow.

We have had tons of people emailing us and offerings suggestions for hospitals that give the best treatment for children with cancer, and even children with neuroblastoma.  Trust me, we too have done our research like crazy.  We have talked with some of the top hospitals out there, Philadelphia, St Judes, etc.  Here is the conclusion that we have come to through our many conversations with different doctors.  The initial treatment for this cancer will be the same no matter where we go.  As long as the hospital is part of the Children’s Oncology Group, the protocol will be exactly the same, whether we are at sloan kettering, St Jude, or here at Miami Children’s Hospital.  The doctors that we spoke with encouraged us to go to a place where we have the most support and a place that we prefer.  Her treatment will not differ wherever we go.  It is only after the initial treatment that will determine if she needs to be moved to a specialty hospital for more advanced treatment.  But that will not take place anytime soon.

So, our decision for now is to remain here at Miami Children’s Hospital, providing that we do not get accepted at St. Jude’s, which isn’t looking good.  And that is fine since we trust that the Lord will open the door if He wanted us there.  Since that door has not opened, we completely trust that it is not in His will for us to be there.  So, here in Miami and Ft Lauderdale, we have a great network of support.  Maria has family here in Miami and we both have friends and churches in the Ft Lauderdale area that are not far from here.  We have been given an apartment temporarily through the hospital, but we would probably need a place to stay that is better for long-term.  We also will need a vehicle as well and we already have a church in Ft Lauderdale trying to get us one.  Like I said, we are blessed to have some great church family that can be a great support for us.

We are committed one hundred percent to making sure that Susana gets the best treatment.  So, if the initail treatment here does not bring about any results, we will certainly go wherever she can get further advanced treatment.  But right now, the initial treatment is the same anywhere we would go.  So, we will remain here.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and your desire for Susana to get the best treatment.  Know that we have bathed everything we are doing in prayer and are fully confident that the Lord is directing our every step.  The care here in Miami Children’s Hospital has been great so far.  The staff are extremely knowledgable and they are very kind.  Susana has been given more gifts and goodies than we have room for.  We believe that this is the best place for her to remain for now as is the best for our family.  We have good friends who have offered support in so many ways, including helping Isabela remain homeschooled.  What a blessing! 

We are about to embark on a long and difficult road.  May the Lord Jesus be our Prince of Peace and God of all comfort to all of us, especially our little Susana.

From here on in, we will only post updates on our blog at  rather than sending this group email all the time.  So, please bookmark our website so that you can all stay informed and remain in prayer.  We love getting emails and blog comments from all of you, so please don’t stop.  It is so often the very words that we need to hear at exactly the right time.  We thank the Lord for all of you and are so blessed to have such a strong support group.

God is on the throne…and He is good.

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  1. I have experienced a lot of tears while praying for little Susana – please know that you all are at the center of my heart, and I hold you close. I will not cease in praying for your princesses – I know that Isabella must also feel the effects of watching her sister…her friend…go through this. We love you guys and hope to visit you someday soon! Praying for strength, wisdom, knowledge and peace for you both! Know that I am thinking about you all non-stop!

    Love you!

  2. U may not remember me but I have met u in Dover, DE through Fist Southern Baptist Church. I just wanted to express my prayers for u are constantly making their way to thr throne of God and will continue to pray. Pam

  3. I’ve been keeping up with your blog and continuously praying . The overwhelming love and support that has come your way are all showers of blessings from God. I admire both your deep faith and trust in Him despite your circumstances. God is pleased and He will surely keep blessing you. His grace is sufficient. Shalom!

  4. I sit here and read your post with tears running down my face. When my son was diagnosed we had loving advice from so many I can say that no matter where you are at God is in control and He isn’t surprised by anything. He is the God that heals. My nephew just turned 12 after his diagnoses when he was 3 he was treated right where you are at. You are in a good place. Reading about your faith just blesses my heart. Most of all God has answered our prayers cause your words radiate His peace that is above all understanding. I will pray for you every day and rejoice in what God is going to do. Kisses for little Susana.

  5. And praise God for His protection of Susana’s spine! I will pray diligently for His continued protection over her spine, and I am expecting Him to do miraculous things for Susana!

    Praying constantly…

  6. Hi guys,

    I wanted to share this story with you. I was in seminary with this family several years ago and a mutual friend shared this webpage with me. I believe you will find it encouraging that Nathan is a three year cancer survior. He was diagnosed at age 3 with neuroblastoma.

    I will be joining the Biltmore team heading to Haiti in June. My prayers are for healing and understanding for your family. And if God wills… to see you back in the fields of Haiti.


  7. Our dear friend Annabelle, has been keeping my updated on your dear little Susana. As a mother of three I can not being to imagine what you all our going through. Just know that your family is being prayed for from North Carolina. I pray that God will continue to guide you though this time and that all decisions made will be clear ones. With love from North Carolina, Jessica Garcell.


  9. My heart hurts for your family–and yet, it bursts for the love you have for God. Jeremiah 29:11 lets us know that God has a plan for good–I know you are aware of this. Know that prayers from churches in Florida, New York and several from Mississippi are being lifted up for you as we speak. The volume has definitely been turned up. God will put all of you where He wants you–and your witness through this will speak for Him. Having your heart ripped out and yet celebrating God is a most awesome statement to make. We will continue to be with you in spirit and pray for His comfort and strength–and that you will feel him wrap you in His love.

  10. Maria and Cody,

    Our family is praying daily for your precious family. We are earnestly asking for supernatural peace, encouragement, strength and wisdom for you.

  11. We are so burdened for you and want you to know that the Lord has kept you all on our minds constantly — I know when that happens it is that we are to pray, pray, pray. I am so thankful for the support you have around you. My prayer has been for support and a peace that passes all understanding. We love ya’ll and just wanted you to know we are praying and thinking about you every minute. We love you and know that God has your family in the palm of his hand. Diane & Randy Foote

  12. My prayers to God for you. I am sorry this has came upon you and your family. The enemy is strong but God is stronger. You will have your days of suffering on this earth but the days of suffering for your enemies will be stronger because God will have favor in you for your praise that is lifted up to him. I am amazed of your faith and I will thank God that I can have this wonderful example in my life.
    ~Peace, Love, and Hope with Healing be to you and your little Susana.

  13. maria and cody. there are thousands of hearts that are lifting susana and you and your entire family in prayer every hour of every day. and we aer interceding for her health and comfort and for your own strength and peace. OUR GOD SHALL SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN GLORY…
    WE KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (song by twila paris)
    I Peter 2:24

  14. Your precious daughter remains on my mind, in my heart and in my prayers. I remember all too well the feeling of being overwhelmed in the first few days and weeks of finding out my son had cancer. I hate cancer so much! My first memories of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is of our social worker, Ms. Paula. We arrived at the hospital by ambulance traveling from Baton Rouge, Our Lady of the Lakes to Memphis. My mind really couldn’t process all that was happening at the time. It was all so surreal. As we arrived they the hospital crew took over and Ms. Paula was immediately attached to me. She never let me out of her site. She sat me down, gave me a huge amount of material that covered information on childhood cancer and she informed me of a multitude of things to expect. That was May 2007 and Ms. Paula is still very dear to me.
    I am very sorry that you must go through this battle but I will be praying that God places someone in your life as wonderful as Ms. Paula was to my son, Tyler, and me. She helped us with getting financial assistance (I was suddenly unable to work b/c of our new situation so she helped us get on social security disability for Tyler) She walked me through all the ends and outs of having a child with cancer, from family struggles to financial and everything in between. I don’t know what I would have done without our wonderful Ms. Paula.
    I lost my Tyler in May 2008 one year after his first diagnosis of Ewing’s Sarcoma. God walked with us through the illness and He continues to walk with me as a surviving parent (the worst title in the world). The only day worse than finding out my sweet boy had cancer was being told he only had a few days or weeks to live and the only thing worse than that was the day I sat by his side as my dear son released his final breath.
    Yes, my heart breaks for you! I do pray your journey has a very different ending than mine. We have made so many friends from our St. Jude family. Some have survived others have not but all remain dear to my heart!
    I will be praying for you as well as the many other children who are fighting this awful beast called cancer!
    Peace in Christ to you!!

  15. Although I don’t know the two of you I can’t tell you enough how much your story has touched my heart. As a family we got down on our knees last night and prayed for little Susanna. My daughter asking for her turn prayed ” God please fix Susanna so she can come over to play with me.” I know the Good Lord answers prayers and my hope for your family is to make it through this as quick and painless as possible.
    I know you said she has a lot of gifts right now but we would love to send her something! If there is a certain toy or game that she would like can you let me know.
    I will continue to watch your website for updates along with saying many prayers all day long for God’s miracle to be placed on your daughter.
    God Bless You,
    Ashley Hohenberger

  16. Sending you all a huge hug….our God can do ANYTHING……and every single situation is going to be different from the next….just as every child is different from the next. God’s plan for Susana will be perfect. I pray, as you said Cody, that His will for Susana is to heal her on this side of Heaven.
    Kristin Moyers

  17. Hi Maria & Cody: Our Youth Ministry team of Haiti Volunteers from CCFL are committed to pray for Susanna, and has been lifting her and your family to the LORD. You guys are such great encouragers even in your hour of need. Love to hear the thoughts of a mom who is trusting her SOVEREIGN LORD for her daughter’s health and life. Thank you for being the example.
    By the way, we would like to come visit and pray for your family if you are open to visitors at Miami Children’s Hospital.

  18. Maria and Cody, my heart is heavy for you. I cried over the posts, my kids are around the age of yours and it feels so close to home. Know that you and your family will remain in our thoughts. Your faith inspires.

    Peter in Germany

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