Susana Has Cancer

Those are the hardest words that I have ever heard in my life.  The doctor just informed us that she has tumors everywhere.  My heart aches like it has never ached before.  Our tears won’t stop.  Words cannot express what we are going through.  They said that it is called Neuroblastoma and they said the news is not good.  It is an aggressive cancer.  They are getting ready to do a bone marrow test and a biopsy and that will determine what the course of action will be.

Our ONLY hope in all of this is Jesus.  We cling to Him.  We cry out to Him.  We trust Him in everything.  We cling to His Word and His promises that all things work together for good to those who love Him and are called by His purposes.  We trust Him for the grace that we need each second.  We trust in His plan, whatever that might be.  We remember that His ways are not our ways. 

But we still grieve.  We still fear the worst.  We are emotional wrecks.  And we still wait.

Please continue to lift up Susana.  God has all power and ability to heal if He so chooses to do so.  Our prayer is that she would be healed on this side of heaven.  Thank you to all of you who have been praying and offering support.  We will continue to post updates as we are informed. – Cody and Maria

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  1. Heavenly Father, You are intimately aware of the struggle Cody & Maria are experiencing — the pain and the despair. You know the desire of our hearts for you to heal Susana of this illness. I ask now for Your healing touch. I know that You are able and that just like in Bible times, You can heal her. Amen

  2. Our Loving Heavenly Father, We ask for a miracle, that Susana be healed here on earth. But written over that with much pain is also the prayer that never fails, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. May this family, that is so precious in Your sight, know your presence, peace and power this day and all the days to come. Grant them all a special measure of your strength and love, not to just endure but to triumph. For Your glory, Jesus, amen.

    Loving and praying for you here in Latvia. Blessings, dear ones. Kathleen & Ian Langridge

  3. MY heartfelt prayers are with you and Susana. May God bless her with peace and healing.

  4. Dear Lord, We ask you to heal little Susana and we believe you are faithful to do more than we ask or think. Your word says that by your stripes Susana is healed and we stand on that word today.Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers. We pray in Jesus Name.

  5. Lord through every trial and mountain that enters our walk with you we know you are with us. Father I lift of this beautiful child and her parents to you. You alone know your plan in this and we trust in your reasons, your guidance and healing. Father we ask for your peace to be in thier hearts and with them in this time. Let them feel your presence at all times. Let thier hearts not continue in sorrow but in joy as they know and trust in you alone, Amen

  6. Our most gracious and kind Heavenly Father, I come to you with a special request that You visit Cody, Maria and Susana in a very special way and just wrap them in Your arms of mercy and grace and give them the peace that passes all understanding.

    We ask Heavenly Father, if it be Your will that You would touch little Susana with a Holy Healing touch.

    Now Father we thank You for what You are going to do in the Name of Jesus. Amen

  7. We have heard those same words but were very lucky that our boy was stage one. We have hope. We believe. Never forget that. Please check out . . .It is a group of parents going through exactly what you are. They will help . . .they will pray . . .they will guide you through this new normal. Another organization is The founders, Larry and Gretchen Witt, are the parents of a now 5 year old boy with stage 4 neuroblastoma. They are phenomenal people. They will also guide you and help you and give advice on treatment.

    Know that you have so many people praying for your precious princess . . .

    Remember to BELIEVE in miracles . . .we do.

    With love and HOPE,
    Stacy and John Urick

  8. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I have bookmarked your Shayla’s site so that we too can pray for others who are going through the same thing. Our hope is in a God who can do ANYTHING !!! I hope to keep in touch to pray and encourage each other. God bless you

  9. We have had Susana on our prayer list for such a long time and we continue to pray for her and for Cody and Marie. So many have asked about her and how she is doing. If anyone has an update, please let me know. We know that our Lord will give them the strength to get through this sad and stressful time in their lives.
    Barbara Berry

  10. Barbara,

    Thank you so much for praying for my daughter and putting her on your prayer list. Our blog has any of the latest updates on how she is doing, so I encourage you to just read some of the recent posts so that you know what is going on. A brief recap is that she is doing very well with her treatment so far, but we still have a long road ahead of us. She has completed 6 months of chemo with very good results. All but one of the tumors disappeared, and the one main one that started everything had shrunk to more than half its size, therefore she had surgery a few months ago to remove the tumor and they were able to remove 90% of it which had died. The hope is that the remaining 10% will die with the ensuing treatments. We are at Duke Hospital right now where she is getting ready to undergo a stem cell transplant, a procedure that will keep her inpatient for a month and then outpatient for an additional few months. Please pray that there are no complications and that all goes well. Immediately after Duke, we will go to Jacksonville, FL for proton therapy for a month, then we will return to Asheville for an additional 6 months of antibody therapy, which has good promise, but also much more pain. Please pray for Susana and our family as we are now getting into the much more serious and delicate aspect of her treatment.

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