So proud of my little girl….

She is so strong.  I pray that the Lord continues to give her the strength that she will need for the road ahead.  She has finished her 1st round of chemo and the doctors said that she has done well.  They have to administer one more drug today that will help boost her white blood cells.  But first they have to give her another blood transfusion because her hemoglobin is very low.  The doctors told us that this is nothing to worry about and that it is completely normal when she is getting chemo.  They are hoping to discharge on Thursday, but we always remain flexible since anything can happen.

Pray that the Lord opens a door for us to get a permanent place in the area.  right now, we will probably stay at the Ronald McDonald House until something permanent opens up.  We have many people looking into various options.  We also hope to be getting a car delivered to us today or tomorrow through Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.  That will be a huge blessing to us.

We just received a bunch of cards and gift boxes in the mail today.  Thank you all so much for all of you who have truly been the hands and feet of Jesus to us.  Thank you so much for the toys and gifts for both Isabela and Susana.  Right now, Susana is looking over every single green homemade card that made by an afterschool program called the Funtastic Bible Investigators in NC.  She really enjoys those cards.

Anyway, I am amazed by the courage and strength that our little Susana is demonstrating.  I just can’t imagine the pain and discomfort of all the chemo as well as having all these new fixtures attached to her body.  She is taking it well.  I know that I will learn so much about perseverance as I watch her have to go through many difficult and painful things.  We are right by her side each step of the way and we are so thankful that the Lord holds us all. – Cody

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  1. So glad to hear she’s doing well despite the circumstances. Steve Cassell gave us an update on you guys during our BBC staff meeting this morning and we, as a staff, prayed for all of you. You are all on our minds constantly!

    Praying Romans 8:28 over all of you!

  2. Beautiful! What a strong little girl! I’ll be praying for a home for you all, and for financial blessings! Thank You, Lord, for seeing little Susana through this first round of chemo! We all love her…but You love her SO MUCH MORE!!! Keep Your merciful hand over her!!!

  3. Every day, many times a day I am praying for each one of you!
    I am thankful that Susana is done with her first round of chemo.
    I pray for God’s perfect peace over you all and healing. Susana is such a brave sweet little girl! You are all so brave. We love you all so much and are so thankful for the daily updates. I am glad that there was a Ronald McDonald house for you to go to for now. We will pray, pray, and pray some more!

  4. I just wanted to suggest the Ronald McDonald Charities, I believe they have a house near the hospital where they allow families with children who are being treated at the hospital to stay. Praying for Susana!

  5. Code-
    I just sent you a long message and then it got deleted because I didn’t fill in my email address.
    I will summarize- Tell that sweet angel that Auntie Kerri-Anne says sweet dreams. So glad to read she is eating.
    Love you,

  6. Cody and Maria,
    I am so thankful to the Lord for how Susana is doing and I pray for continuous grace and favor to be poured upon all of you. I pray for Susana everyday and have great hope in the healing touch of our loving Father.

  7. You have been on our hearts and in our prayers! I was so pleased with your last post to see that you are clinging to the Word for your hope and strength. When our son Trent was going through chemo treatments, I would put scriptures on neon colored index cards and taped them up in the room. He was only two at the time, but he quickly learned that the first thing we did when were admitted into the hospital was to put up the “scwiptures”! I know the journey you are on is a hard one but our God is FAITHFUL!!! His grace is more than enough. We are believing and standing on God’s healing promises for Susana. Another piece of advice I would give from personal experience is to not let any other person’s situation affect your faith for your situation. Grab hold of the healing promises of God and don’t let them go no matter what happens to others around you. Neuroblastoma is not greater than the name of Jesus. The Bible says that in Philippians 2:9-11

    9Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:

    10That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

    11And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    Neuroblastoma has to bow it’s knee the the mighty name of Jesus!!!! Believe it because it is true. I have seen it and know the power of God is real! I’m believing with you! Misty Floyd

  8. I stumbled on your blog from another missionary’s blog….know that our family is keeping Susana, her doctors and your family in our prayers. God Bless!

  9. Dear Family,
    My family and I are praying for you all, our Brother and Sisters in Jesus. Our hearts go out to you, Maria and Cody and we are praying for swift and complete healing for your precious Susana. May God Bless you All and keep you in His Loving Arms. May you feel the Peace that only He can give. Stay close and KNOW that you are loved. You will be in our prayers everyday. We will keep reading about Susana’s progress and we will keep praying. Extra hugs for Isabela.
    Godspeed, with much love,
    Sara, James, Caitlin, Timothy OXOX

  10. We rejoice with you and thank God for the strength He provides. We love you and are praying for you throughout our day. God’s peace and grace to you.

  11. I found your blog thru another missionary requesting prayer for your daughter. I will be faithfully lifting up little Susana and the rest of your family as you walk this long difficult road. I spent the good part of last year walking alongside my mother as she battled uteran cancer. I will be praying not only for Susana’s physical healing but that the Lords presence is felt so strongly as you fight this battle. You are not alone! Praying for strength, endurance and times of joy to be found in the midst of this valley.

  12. Thinking about you all a lot… Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t stopped praying for you all! Lifted up sweet Susana and little Isabela this morning, and prayed for God’s guidance and peace for you both. We love you and think of you constantly!

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