Please pray for our daughter Susana…

She has been sick for almost 2 weeks now.  We think she has malaria, even though she tested negative here in Haiti.  But a doctor here told us that the malaria tests here in Haiti only show one type of malaria, and several clinics don’t even know how to read the blood tests accurately.

So, Maria is flying out tomorrow morning with Susana back to the states.  She will take her to Miami Children’s Hospital as soon as she lands.  Isabela and I are staying behind since it is too costly for all of us to fly.

Susana had up and down fever for almost 2 weeks, although she hasn’t had a fever now in a few days.  But she is extremely lethargic.  She cries whenever she is asked to get up and walk.  All she has been doing is laying down on the bed all day and watching movies.  She doesn’t want to eat or drink, even though we make sure that she does both.  She has lost a lot of weight which concerns us since she is tiny to begin with.  She doesn’t seem to be in much pain, but rather just is extremely lethargic.

So, we think it is best at this point that she gets better medical care and diagnosis.  Please pray that the doctors are able to find out what is wrong and that it is nothing serious.  Our little Susana needs lots of prayers.  Pray for safe travel for her and Maria.  Pray for Daddy and Isabela who will stay behind.  Pray that God is glorified in this whole situation.  Thank you all so much!

3 thoughts on “Please pray for our daughter Susana…

  1. I am the mom of a child who they thought had leukemia at one time, and who was in the hospital more than out until he was three. He is now a thriving 18year old 6’5″ and extremely active. God used us to minister to people in the hospital at the same time.

    If anyone tries with best intentions to challenge if you have faith, tell them this: We are healed by faith, and faith is the belief of things not seen. So we dont have to SEE our healing to start praising him for it, because our healing took place when Christ died on the cross. So start thanking God for her healing no matter which way it comes, through medicines, divine healing, or her seeing Him before us. It will help you focus on the healing and how to comfort her until she sees the manifestations of her healing. (I have people all the time tell me if I had enough faith, God would heal my body from a connective tissue disorder. I tell them I have my healing! And they say the syptoms are there so I am not healed, and I ask whose faith is weak now? Mine for thanking Him for something not yet seen, or theirs for needing concrete signs before they can scknowledge it.)

    Thank you Jesus for your stripes that has already healed Susana. Now please give the mother and doctors direction on how to diagnose Susana and how to help her healing become manifested. Comfort, guids and strengthen them as they are suffering.

    In Jesus Name.

  2. PLEASE know that we are all praying for your entire family. I can’t even imagine what you are feeling right now. I have three wonderful boys and I know it would break my heart to lose one of them. Thank you so much for your wonderful testimony. You are true CHAMPIONS for CHRIST!!

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