on the mend…

I am starting to feel better after being out of commission for 4 days.  Today I have not had a fever all day so I think this is nearing the end.  I have been taking Chloroquine and I think it has finally kicked in.  My stomach is still in a little bit of pain.

I have the taste of nickels in my mouth.  Its so nasty.  But I’ll take that any day over everything else I have experienced.

Our mission team arrives tomorrow from Lifebridge Church in Madison, MS.  I am praying that the Lord does some great things in our midst.  They will primarily be building a house for a family in our community who lost their house in the quake.

We think we found a house to rent for hosting teams.  Fenel checked it out and got a good price.  I will go Monday to look at it myself and then we will make a decision.

Thanks so much for everybody who prayed for us.  We love you and are thankful for your prayers and support.