103 Fever, sweats and chills throughout the nights, and the feeling of having a mack truck slowly backing up over your body.  That’s what it feels like.  The pain has been so intense that I was literally crying this morning because it would not let up.

Maria was out of commission first for 2 days, but once she started taking Cloroquine (malaria medication), she started feeling better immediately, although she still has a pretty bad headache and some aches and pains

Me, on the other hand, I have been bedridden now for 3 days.  My fever just broke a few hours ago, but I am still in massive pain, especially my stomach, which feels like somebody is continuously tightening it with a noose. This is the worst sickness ever.  Last night, I was screaming out like a madman.  There was just no reprieve and my body couldn’t handle it.  I started the Chloroquine this morning, so hopefully the worst is behind me.

Please keep us in prayer.  We have a mission team arriving on Sunday, and we are still in a lot of pain right now.

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  1. Maria & Cody!! I’m praying for you, I’m SOO sorry to hear you’re battling Malaria. Satan is so angry that you’re fighting on his territory, praise the Lord that God is in control. I’m believing for a miraculous recovery for you both.

    The Hughes Family~

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