Lifebridge Team Day 3 and 4…

T,he team continued working fast and furious on the house yesterday and today.  They are doing an awesome job!  What a blessing it will be for this family to have had a house completed in one week.  They are so happy.

Yesterday, in addition to them working on the house, we brought them down to the afterschool program that we are partnering with.  We bought some food since the program has been out of food since Saturday.  We all had a great time there singing praise songs with the kids and just sowing God’s love into their hearts.

Today, , after working on the house for the day, we brought the team down the street to a church that we have been supporting since the earthquake.  This pastor is a very humble guy who I can see loves Jesus and really cares about his flock.  We have been giving him food and supplies since he has nothing.  Today, we went there so that we could meet the children, of which many are orphaned as a result of the earthquake.  We had a great time with them.  When we came in, they were singing a song that was basically saying “welcome friends”.  They had also made a sign saying, “Welcome Cody”.  It was so sweet to see the thought that they put into our visit.

We sang some songs with them, gave out some cookies and sweets to each child as well as some bubbles and soccer balls.  Then, Theresa, one of the team members, led the children in a craft activity in which they designed a cross.  Then, Greg, the pastor on the team, shared a short message with the children about how we can be thankful to Jesus for giving us light and life.  We had a great time.  I look forward to getting to know those children better and seeking ways in which we can minister to them.