Lifebridge Church works hard on day 1

We welcomed the team from Lifebridge Church yesterday. The team came ready to build a home for a local neighbor whose home was totally crashed to the ground. Up to this day, the family are sleeping in tents. But now, thanks to Lifebridge they will have a home before the rainy season begins. The family is really excited about it.  Here are some pictures of what day one looked like for the team.—Maria

The team is working alongside local Haitian masons and construction workers.

This is no easy work. But they are putting their all into it.


The foundation is already dug.

The team is making sure the foundation is deep and strong.

This is the son of the new home owner.

The women are working as hard as the men.

Look at those muscles. Wow, Teresa!!!

This is the rumble of the house that crashed.

He is happy he’ll have a roof!

Haitians and Americans working together. Just like it will be in the Kingdom.





Josue, our translator.

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  1. It is great to see everyone working so hard together. We are praying that the project will be finished and that the Lord will be praised. God Bless you all.

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