Life on the Outside

Well, Susana was discharged last night from the hospital around 6PM.  It was both exciting and scary to be leaving.  Obviously, we are happy to be out of the hospital and to start trying to get used to the new path that the Lord has placed us on.  But we were also a little scared to leave since Susana is still sick.  Its not like taking a child home from the hospital who is totally healed.  We know that our little girl still has some major issues going on right now.  And now, we are the ones that have to address all of those needs, administer shots and medication every day, monitor her eating and drinking, checking temperature regularly, keeping her safe and as comfortable as possible, and just being the ones responsible for her well being.  So…yeah….it is a little scary.  But we know that the Lord’s grace is sufficient each day.  And so we continue to find our hope and trust in Him alone.  He is still good.  We have a few doctor appointments next week to check her counts.  Lord willing, she will be ready for her second round of chemo in 3 weeks.

Susana was crying upon discharge and saying that she did not want to leave, but as soon as we got back to our hotel, she sat up on the bed, ate a few small bites of chicken, some bites of mac and cheese, and a small chocolate donut.  She then wanted to play with all of her new toys.  She was very happy with all of the things that so many people have sent her.  My little girl is so selfless and giving.  She opened up a bag of princess stickers, which she was very happy with.  The next thing she does is start giving a few stickers to each of us so that we could all have some.  I was so touched.  She is such a gem.  So, I proudly displayed my cinderella sticker on my shirt for everyone to see.  She was feeling so good that she said she wanted to come with us to the store so that we could buy some ice cream cones.  So, we all went out last night around 9PM in search of a Wal-Mart.  She ended up getting very tired while we were driving around.  Our search ended without landing us any ice cream cones, but it sure was nice just to see her sitting up in the car seat and looking around.

We have Maria’s friend, Jessica, who is visiting with us for a few days.  She is from DE.  She came down with her 4 year old son.  It is good to have close friends standing with us.

We are staying at this hotel suite for a week.  During this time, we will try to find an apartment nearby to rent.  We realize that since we will be making routine trips to the hospital each week, that it would probably be best to try and live close to the hospital.  So, please pray that we can find a place to rent.

Not in a million years would I have ever thought that we would be living in Miami…but here we are…   – Cody

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  1. Lord, thank you for seeing the beautiful Whittaker family through this first phase of their new life – I pray that you will BLESS this time that they have together…that you will meet each and every need of theirs, including the need to live near the hospital. Please place them in the perfect apartment, and please place Your hand of protection over all of them. Touch little Susana’s body with Your healing hand, and give her strength!!! And guard Isabela’s heart, giving her faith that you are with her sister every step of the way. Give Cody and Maria strength, hope, and wisdom, and surround them with loving brothers and sisters that will stand firmly by their side! In the name of Jesus…AMEN!

    Love you all…praying constantly!

  2. Yay she’s playing with her toys! That is great news!! What are her favorite kinds of toys? Isabella already told me that for her next birthday she wants a Belle dress (from Beauty and the Beast- wait, why am I explaining that to YOU), a snow white dress, and like four other princess type dresses. I can’t remember them all but there were seven in total. Does Susana like to dress up as princess as well? Let me know. I did see cute tinkerbell dress…….

    Anyway Code, don’t be scared. You guys will be better than the doctors at the hospital because she’s your baby. I have Fabio calling a couple contacts down in Miami to see if he can get you any leads on apartments. I will let you know.
    PS: When Susana is up to it Dante and Luca want to call her. Let me know when she feels like talking. Tell her we love her.
    PPS: Everyone at my school is praying for her. They all have her on their prayer lists at their churches.

  3. Glad to hear Susana is out of the hospital and continuing to lift your family up in prayer. I will pray that you find a place to call “home” for your time in Miami.

  4. We will be praying for a good, safe, affordable place for you all to rent in Miami. The Lord will continue to use you in Miami…trust me Miami needs the LORD!!! Love you all!

  5. Cody and Maria,

    I am praying for everything to work out well. If I want to send a card or something to Susana, which address can I use? My prayers are with you always.



  6. hey Cody & Maria ~

    just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about your need to find a place – hoping to talk to my landlord about the missionary apartment and have put the word out to some of our family in Christ… praying for you all!

    ~ Ami

  7. We are actively looking for a place for your family as well. I was initially told to look in Broward but we will switch to Dade.

    I know leaving the hospital is tough. We were in for 17 days when our son CJ was initially diagnosed and although we could not wait to leave we were scared to leave. Completely normal to feel that way! Normal?? We, fortunataly, had a home to leave to. We will do whatever we can to help find something.

    Let us know how else we can help

    The George Family
    Miami Florida

  8. It is great to hear that she is having fun and enjoying just being a litttle girl. Praying for you at all times. May the Lord lead you to the right place for your family. Love you guys.

    Jorge, Cassie, Jared, Jaylin, and Janelle

  9. Maria and Cody, just to be sure you get our facebook note with all the messages you are pouring through, I’ll include it here. We have a small home in Florida. It isn’t real close (probably 1 1/2 hours), and our son is renting it, but we/he would love to minister to you if it would help you if it would bless you. You never know, maybe it’s why it didn’t sell back along. We used our townhome back home in NC as a “ministry home” and it was a tremendous blessing to us as well. Keith is a Godly young man very active in our #2 church there, which also would be a blessing to you. We are amazingly spoiled to have 2 church homes where I’ve been on staff. Continuing to pray for you along this new journey of our Lord’s. He is sovereign and has great love for you all.

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