From Mississippi to Colorado

So, our Lifebridge team left last Saturday.  They did an absolutely amazing job building a house from virtually start to finish within a week.  The family was so happy.  I drive by them every day and they are still all smiles and waves every time I pass by.

Now, there is a team from Calvary Chapel Colorado that is here visiting the area and doing ministry.  They have connected well with the kids in our neighborhood and are really enjoying getting to know the haitian people.  They have also been helping us get our new team house in order.  Tomorrow, they will begin to paint it and hopefully they will complete it before the end of the week.  There is a Calvary Chapel house up the steet from us, therefore we see a lot of the teams that come through there.  We work well together and we help each other out often.  It is good kingdom building work that is going on between us.

So, we really enjoy these Calvary Chapel Colorado guys that are here for the week.  This is their first mission trip, and they are loving it!  Tomorrow, after painting, we will bring them down the street to a church that we have been helping.  We will do an outreach for the children there, 20 of them which are orphans who we are wanting to begin a ministry to support them.  So, we will bring them some sandwiches and snacks and we will show a kids movie for them.  We should have a great time.

One thought on “From Mississippi to Colorado

  1. Praise God for the work you are doing in Haiti. As we know God will turn all things to his Glory and this is an example of that. The level of effort and teamwork from His people for His purposes is amazing and a testament to His life changing Grace. a few short months ago, no one would have predicted that you and Maria would be a pivot point for some much kingdom work. That just shows how “small” we think when compared to His sovreign plan.

    Truly, God is great and His mercy endures forever!

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