Colorado Represents!!!

The Colorado team that has been here this week has been awesome!  The only problem is that none of them have up to date SD cards, therefore I don’t have many pictures to share at this point.  So, they have really connected with the kids around our mission house and this has enabled us to get to know them more.  This morning, they led a bible study outside the gate and several kids and adults came to hear the word of God.  One kid gave his heart to the Lord!!  These guys are serious when it comes to sharing the word of God.

On Wednesday night, we went to the church down the street that is caring for many orphaned children.  We went to the evening service and then afterwards we had an outreach for the kids and adults there.  We gave them peanut butter sandwiches and showed Tom and Jerry Cartoons on our projector.  It was awesome!!!  The kids loved it!!!  I never had so much fun and laughter watching Tom and Jerry.  This gave us a great time to get to know the kids.  We are trying to develop a program that will help care for these orphaned children as well as orphaned children in other areas.  We also are praying about helping rebuild this church since it suffered a lot of damage in the earthquake.  The pastor’s name is Jean Franko.  He is a very humble man who loves God so much and really loves the people who God has put under his care.  We are going there tomorrow for Sunday services.  The pastor asked me to preach there some time.  I will take him up on that in the near future.

Today, we took the team up to the mountains in Kap Wouj.  We didn’t have anything planned, but it turned out to be a great time.  We walked around the village just spending time with families and many children.  Then we gave some frisbees, bubbles, candy, and other things away to the children.  We played with them for a while and the kids had a great time.  I also learned from the school director up there that there are about 25 orphaned children who are attending the school.  We also were at the school in Marigot yesterday and learned that there are about 15 orphaned children that attend that school.  So, as we are preparing to start a ministry to help orphaned children, it seems that we have quite a few orphaned children to get started with.  Please keep these things in prayer as the need is so great.

We had the team over here for dinner tonight.  We fed them chocolate cake for desert and they all felt guilty for suffering for the sake of the gospel:)  We ae about to kick them out so that Maria and I can watch the newest episode of LOST.

The team has had a great week.  They have been a real blessing to us.  They painted the mission/discipleship house, so soon we will open the doors to begin discipleship among the youth in the community.  I just spoke with a handful of kids who have been hanging outside the gate of the mission house all week  I asked them who would be interested in starting a bible study that would meet in the discipleship house.  Every kid there raised their hand with eagerness.  I told them that this would not be a time to mess around or make jokes or whatever, but this would really be a time to learn the bible and worship Jesus.  They all said that they would definitely want to do that and they asked me when this will begin.  So, it looks like we already have our first discipleship group ready and waiting to go.

I look forward to seeing what the Lord does as we begin to get more intentional on sharing and teaching the word of God to the kids in the community.  We still need to furnish the house with chairs, couches, benches, etc, so please pray that the Lord will provide all that is needed so that we can get things started.

We thank the Lord for all of His provision, mainly His grace that has saved us from our sins and bought us a place in heaven for us who trust in Him.  He is good!!!!