We are so excited to be reunited with our girls.  We arrived at my Mom’s house at about 11:30 PM Monday after traveling all day.  We were so excited to see them, but at that time they were not as excited to see us.  The truth is…they were not excited at all as they just simply would not wake up no matter how much I poked them and nudged them.  So, we let them be and knew that early morning we would all have a fun reunion.

The next morning, they jumped out of bed as they saw us lying there in the bed right next to them.  We have not stopped hugging and kissing them since.  They are so happy…we are so happy…Grandparents are so happy since they have been relieved…everybody is happy.

As great as it is to be back with our children after having been without them for a month and a half, it will be even better when we are back home in Haiti with them.  Our hearts have been gripped by Haiti and we eagerly look forward to getting back to doing what God has called us to do.

I just spoke with Fenel this morning and was so excited to get such an awesome report as to what is going on regarding our ministry in Haiti.  The 4 homes are almost complete.  They just have to finish pouring the cement floors.  The Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale church that is partnering with us wants to build another house and they will begin that next week.  Then, we will build another house in 2 weeks when Lifebridge Church comes down.  It is so exciting to see how the Lord is working.

A small group from Calvary Chapel in Colorado is down visiting with Fenel and his family and they have been doing some amazing things.  Also, Paul is back as well.  I’m sure that many are hearing the gospel even as I write this.

They went out yesterday to a place called Twou Koulev, which translates “Snake Hole”.  They delivered a bunch of food to the people there.  Tomorrow, they are having a kite fest among the kids of the families whose houses we are building.  Then in the evening, they will show the Jesus Film to everybody.  God’s name is being magnified in each place He leads us.  I am just so overwhelmed that the Lord has called us to be part of His kingdom building work.  We are such small, frail, broken people yet our God is so Big, strong, and holy.  There is nothing that He cannot do, and in His sovereignty He has chosen to use us to be instruments for His glory.

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