Ready to get back home…

Our time here back in the states is coming to a close as we get ready to fly back to Haiti tomorrow morning.  We are very excited to be going back home to the land we love.  Our time here in the states was very good.  We had a great few days in Connecticut with family and then we had a great few days in Florida spending time with just our own family.  We had a lot of fun with our girls.  They are very excited to be back with Mommy and Daddy and we are equally excited to be back with our 2 little girlie girlies.

But now we are even more excited to be getting back to our home in Haiti and continuing to do the things that God has called us to do. 

When we arrive in Port au Prince tomorrow morning, we will head over to Tytoo Gardens Orphanage to see the kids there and spend some time with them as well as visit with my good friend Oscar who is now the new Director there.  We will be delivering many gifts to the children there that were given by many people from Biltmore Baptist Church.  They were supposed to be Christmas presents, but they got held up in customs for so long that we didn’t even get them until the middle of Feb.  At any rate, the kids there will be blessed to get these gifts.

We were supposed to have a mission team arriving in a few days from Lifebridge Church in MS, but their plans have been delayed and now they will be coming the first week in April.  That is good for us anyway because it will give us some time to get settled back in, focus on language training, and reconnect with our community.

Well…gotta go board a plane to Miami now…Na we pita.

One thought on “Ready to get back home…

  1. I am soooo glad to hear you got to spend time with your two “girlie girlies”. We had a virus and were out of comission. I didn’t even know you guys were back in the states. LOL!

    May the Lord continue to be your hiding place and your strength.

    Much love from Miami,

    Jorge Q

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