Keep praying for this little guy

This is a picture of Mackenson, the baby that we have been getting care for.  I (Cody)  stopped by the orphanage yesterday to see him and I was told that he was back in the hospital.  This is not a bad thing, it is actually good.  As you can see, he needs to be in the hospital.  He is still severely malnourished.  The above picture was taken a few weeks ago.

So, after going to the orphanage, I went next door to the hospital to see Mackenson.  It was after hours and the doctors had already left.  When I walked into the tent (yes, keep in mind that hospital, especially post earthquake, in Haiti has a completely different picture than the one you have in your mind right now), I told the women there that I was looking for baby Mackenson and they pointed to where he was lying in a metal crib.  He looked content, had a new diaper on, and a little blanket.  I spent some time just touching his head and talking to him and praying over him.  I told him that he needs to exercise those tiny little arms of his so that he can grow up to be a big and strong boy.  So, I took his arms and gently made bench press motions with him.  He loved it and started laughing and it was the first time that I saw his huge smile.  I was so happy to see that so I just kept doing that with him until he got tired and started yawning.  Then, I just stroked his head softly until he fell asleep.  It was really cool.  Please keep praying for this little guy.

On a personal side of things, (yes, we do have personal lives that we are settling into now rather than just all ministry), I took a walk down to a new beach area that my friend told me about that is just a few minutes from my house.  It is absolutely beautiful, but that is not what I am after these days.  No, I am on the hunt for fish.  I am scoping out some places where I can cast my fly line or my new spinning rod that is soon to arrive thanks to a special friend of mine.  Yes, God has made me to be a passionate fisher of men, but also a passionate fisherman.  It is indeed my favorite thing to do.  So, I am hoping to use my passion also as a means of blessing others.  When (not if) I catch a bunch of huge fish, I will give them to people who are in great need so that they can have food.  Perhaps God will give me more favor that way :)  Haha. 

The one problem that I have run into here in Haiti regarding fishing is this:  I’m never alone.  Back in the states, fishing was my time to get away, be alone, just me and God…and hopefully a few lunker fish.  But in Haiti, I am a spectacle.  There aren’t any white fisherman that I have seen, so when they see me, they are curious and want to watch and talk to me.  So, I am really hoping that I can just find this perfect fishing spot that nobody else knows about.  But I don’t think that’ll ever happen in Haiti.  Even in the most remote places there just always seems to be somebody staring at me or following me or asking me for money.  Its crazy!

Today, we spent the whole day in Port au Prince.  We went there to get our mail and pick up any packages that arrived (Thank you Gretchen Baker for the care package of goodies), go shopping for an upcoming mission team that will be here next week, and have lunch with our favorite other Global Outreach missionaries who live in Titanyen.  We had a great time with the Bruns and pray God’s blessing on them as they get ready to go back to the states for a month or so to raise support and share the great things that God is doing in and through them. 

After seeing them, we visited with our good friend Oscar for just a few minutes.  We heard that he recently lost his job so we wanted to stop by to bless him with something.  I know the Lord has some good things in store for him and I pray that He opens up a door for him soon.

Port au Prince is such a long day for us.  It is a 3 hour trip each way, filled with mountain passes, horrible road conditions, and lots of people traffic as well as vehicle traffic.  Cruise Control is non-existent for us anymore.  Often, we have to drive through the open air market that covers the whole street.  It involves constantly honking the horn and squeezing by all the people who try to scatter to the side of the road.  2 weeks ago, I smacked an elderly haitian woman in the head with my sideview mirror as she was walking past with her market produce on her head.  It was an accident!!!  So, yeah, driving in Haiti is always interesting, but rarely relaxing.

Bon uit…  Good NIght