In Jacmel.

Here are a couple of random pictures of some happy moments we had in the past few days.

Our family worship time.

Susana during our family worship time.

Reading her Bible. Well, attempting.

Susana and her very own “Made by Susana” birthday cake.



Tinkerbell wearing her birthday gift.

Tinkerbell getting reading for a cold shower.

Melitha, our house helper. Also a woman with a machete.

Hardworking young neighbor.


Gorgeous too!

Isabela, a girl on the path.

How did Daniel get up there?  Hey, give me a coconut.

Our neighbor.

The man. The machete. The coconut.

Super cute!

One of my gems.

Puzzle time.

Silly face.

Dirty face.

Cleaning the beans.

Lots of work to do.

Happy together.—Maria

One thought on “In Jacmel.

  1. Hope you both are feeling better today. I’ll be praying for you, and I hope you are healthy to enjoy worshiping this Easter weekend.

    See you in June! God willing.

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