Getting back to what we love to do…share the love of Jesus!

It is so good to be back in Haiti.  God has given us a real love for this place and its people.  After chilling out for the weekend since we got in late Friday, we are now back in the swing of things and are reaching our community with the gospel of grace.

One quick note worth mentioning…before getting back to ministry, while I was chilling out for the weekend, I finally got the chance to do something that I absolutely love to do.  …GO FISHING!!!!  Yeah Baby!!!  I was planning on fly fishing Saturday, but my fly rod broke before I even got my first cast in the beautiful blue caribbean.  So, after church on Sunday, I headed back to the ocean in hopes of redemption.  My spin fishing rod and reel is really small because I usually only have used it for bass fishing in the states, so I knew that if I happened to hook a big fish, that it would be curtains for me.  And that is exactly what happened.  After about an hour fishing without any action, I put on a lure for bonefish, and after a few casts, BAM!!!  Fish on!!!  I was so pumped!!!  But I couldn’t do anything.  My rod was bent in half and then the fish just took me out to lunch.  It just ran straight out and was ripping all the line off my reel.  It took just about all my line out, and I knew that if I didn’t tighten the drag more, that the fish would have just taken all my line and then snap me off.  So, I tried tightening my drag little by little, but the big fish just kept ripping out line.  So, I tightened it a little more, and then after several more bursts from the fish, the line snapped.  So…you know what’s on my mind these days in addition to building houses and preaching the gospel…

Ok, back to the stories of how God is using us to be fishers of men.  On Monday, we visited with a haitian friend of mine and his family who we have been ministering to.  His name is Petersen.  He called me to tell me that his mother is dying (she is very old and she knows the Lord, so he wasn’t in great distress) and he was really hoping to be able to go to where she lives and spend the last days by her side.  So, we went to visit Petersen and his family and we gave him some money that would get him to where his mother lives and enable him to be with her for a few weeks.  We spent some time laughing and hanging out together and we also spent some time praying together.  Petersen is a Christian and wants to draw closer to the Lord.  I have spoken with him often about God and how we can draw closer to Him.  Petersen now wants to marry the woman he has been living with for several years because God is convicting him of the fact that he should not be living with a woman that he is not married to.  So, I have talked to him and his wife and have encouraged them to obey God and seek to do what is right.  I told him that we will pray that the Lord provides for him to get a suit and for his woman to get a wedding dress and both to get wedding bands so that they can get married.  So, is there anybody who would be willing to help out with this?  If so, please leave a comment and I will be in touch to give you further information.  It would be easiest to just get money given so that we could buy the clothes and rings for them here, but we are also open to the idea of having clothes sent to us…it just might take a lot longer for us to get them, thereby delaying them getting married.

The houses are all completed.  Praise the Lord that through many people who have given money, time, resources, etc. that five families now have brand new homes to sleep in.  We visited the homes today and the people were so happy.  What a blessing to see the joy on their faces and seeing them give thanks to God for His provision.  We brought Isabela down with us when we visited the families.  I love having our children see what the Lord is doing and being able to share in that.  All the families love our children and they are really coming to love us.  Now, when we go down to visit with them, they get so excited when they see us coming and they give us big hugs and kisses.  While we were gone in the states, Fenel and a few of the Calvary Colorado group that was here showed them the Jesus Film and shared the gospel with them.  Many people there prayed to receive Christ.  And now, we have the friendship, trust, and relationship where we can really sow into their lives spiritual truths, teach them about the Lord, and help them grow in their faith.  God is so good.

We also visited the orphanage today where Makenson is now staying.  He is looking much better, but still severely under weight.  Please keep him in prayer.  Our greatest prayer is that he would no longer be HIV positive when tested again.  The orphanage is run by catholic nuns through Mother Teresa’s organization.  The children and babies there are in great need.  Many of them are suffering from all kinds of problems.  But it was a joy to go there and just show love to as many as we could.  We would like to think about further ways that we can help support orphanages like these.  This is something that we are praying about.  We know that the Lord has called us to minister to the orphans and we are just seeking Him to know how to best go about doing that.  We do believe that He is giving us wisdom and direction.

We have a team from Lifebridge Church in Madison, MS coming in the beginning of April.  We are very excited as they will be coming to build a house for another family that we have connected with.  We will also be doing a lot of outreach such as giving out clothes to specific families in need, playing with the children, taking food to the mountains, etc.  It should be a great week.

Tomorrow we head to Port au Prince to run a few errands.  We will also be heading to the orphanage at Tytoo to drop off the many Christmas gifts that were given for the children there.  They had been held up in customs for so long.  The kids and us are really looking forward to seeing the children there.

Here are some pics of ministry in the last few days…enjoy

This is my good friend Petersen.  We are trying to help him get married.  He needs a nice suit and a wedding band to give to his woman.  Ede li tanpri…

This is Petersen and his woman.  She needs a wedding dress and a wedding band to give to Petersen.  They are a very sweet couple.

Here is Maria hanging out with Petersen’s girl and many other ti fi yo.

Here I am trying to convince Petersen that he is a short dude.  We all got a good laugh.

The orphanage where Makensen is staying.  This is a good clean orphanage for Haiti standards.  I know it is sad to see so many babies lying in metal cribs with so few people around them.  But thank the Lord that people like our good friend Paul have been visiting with these children several times a day just to hold them, play with them, feed them, etc.  Perhaps the Lord would have you come down some time soon and do the same.  It is a priceless experience to be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these beautiful little ones.

Here is Makenson.  He is looking so much better than the first time we ever saw him.  We pray the Lord continues to breathe life and health into him.

Now these babies are getting some lovin’

This is Michelle, our fellow missionary friend, from Hands and Feet Orphanage.  She is cool.  We like her and everybody else at Hands and Feet.

This is Dyela.  She latched onto me the minute I saw her.  She is a very sweet little girl.

New house #1

New house # 2 front room

New house # 2 back room

New house # 3

New house # 4


I’d love to get a mission team to come here and help paint all of these houses so that they can look really nice.  Any takers?

Many thanks go to all the people that worked so hard in helping build these houses as well as the people and organizations that provided the finances and resources to get the job done.  Glory to God for all that He has done and all that He continues to do in our midst. 

4 thoughts on “Getting back to what we love to do…share the love of Jesus!

  1. I’ve got a bunch of people from my church itching to get down to Haiti after my trip in February to Leogane, Fauche and Jacmel. Email me and let’s talk.
    I’m also friends with you guys on facebook.
    God is good

  2. The houses look great!! What a blessing it is for them, and what a blessing to be a part of meeting the need.

  3. Still not sure myself. I was surprised to see that the woman already painted on it. I think, based on my limited understanding of what she was saying in Creole, that it is a statement of dedication as to when the house was completed and constructed for her. My fear was that it was something to do with voodoo as there are some family members in that area that practice voodoo, but knowing this woman and her knowing that we worship Jesus and these houses were built for the glory of God, I really don’t think that she would have made a bold statement like that to paint a voodoo writing on the house that we just built. So, I think that it is probably just the date that the house was completed and hopefully she is dedicating the house to the Lord. I will find out more and let you know

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