Bringing love, laughter, and the Lord to the children of Kap Wouj

Today, we headed up the mountain to Kap Wouj to do an outreach at the school.  We brought a mission team from Calvary Chapel who is here in Jacmel for the week.  We had a great time ministering to all of the children.  We also brought some food to give to the school in addition to sharing a lunch among all the children.  We spent the day singing songs to Jesus, watching the God-Man movie (until the DVD broke), playing soccer, making balloon animals, and just loving the children.  It was an awesome day.

I really can’t wait until I am more fluent with the language so that I can start teaching the Bible at this school and possibly leading a discipleship group or something.  We love Kap Wouj. 

After going to Kap Wouj, Fenel and I went to visit a new area where we are thinking about starting a ministry.  It is a very very poor area.  We spent some time there talking with a family and asked them if they would like for us to come back in a few days and show them the Jesus Film.  They were very excited about it, so we will start making a plan to do this.  We will show the movie and then share the message of the gospel with the people there.  The houses in this area are in horrible condition, not because of the earthquake, but just because the people are so poor that they can’t afford to build anything.  Most of the homes are stick, mud, and concrete.  A good solid kick could knock the walls down.  It is very sad.  We pray that the Lord gives us vision for what He would have us do to reach this area.

Here are some pictures of the outreach today in the mountains of Kap Wouj

Yes, they schooled me in soccer…I barely even touched the ball!

The balloon hats were a success!!