Mission recap Day 5 and 6

one team member providing some medical care to a neighbor in pain
great progress on the house
A great team of hard workers who have such soft hearts
not all rewards are just eternal
a well deserved fun day at Basin Bleau
refreshing waters after so many long hot days
one of the most beautiful places in Haiti...and it just happens to be about 30 minutes from where I live
inside the refugee camp...not a good situation
this needs to change...especially before the rain season comes
final goodbyes to a great team...they rocked!!!!
aside from my daughters...one of the sweetest little girls in my life...my dear Wuchao
she's a sweetheart and a comedian...she reminds me of my Isabela

Mission recap Day 5 and 6.  Well, just about all, but 3 of the team left this morning to return back to the states.  The remaining 3 will fly out on Monday morning.

Overall, the week was awesome!!  15 guys that represented about 5 different churches all working together for the glory of God.  4 houses are almost complete (they will be completed by the Calvary Chapel Patmos group that has been helping us out all week).  The families of these homes have been ministered to in such a beautiful way.  Two of the guys from the team were working with an afterschool program that we have been working with.  They ministered to the children all week long, but in actuality the children were the ones ministering to them.  In all that was done throughout the week, one thing I know is certain…God has been glorified!!

We took the team out for a fun day yesterday to celebrate all that God has done and to get refreshed after all their hard work.  We went to a beautiful waterfall called Basin Bleau.  This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Haiti.  We had a great time.  It reminded me of some of the beautiful waterfalls we would go to in western North Carolina when we lived there.

We were supposed to do an outreach tonight at the kids program, but I decided to cancel it because the weather was not looking promising at all.  Now, it is pouring out.  Please pray for all those people sleeping under makeshift tarps and tents.

On a less exciting note, we learned that the baby that we have been trying to get proper care for is HIV Positive.  We had the baby and Mom brought to the hospital a few days ago because the baby was so malnourished.  They were supposed to put the baby on a special malnourishment program which would keep the baby at the hospital for at least a week.  But today as we were on the work site checking on the progress of the homes, we saw the mom and baby there!!  We were appalled and asked her why she was not at the hospital.  She said that she left with her baby even though the baby was not discharged because the people there were telling her that she smelled and that she was causing problems.  We pleaded with the mom to take the baby back to the hospital immediately.  We told her that if she does not get the baby back to the hospital, that the baby will die.  Anyway, we ended up taking the baby back to our house for about an hour because the mom said that she is not sure if she wants the baby.  We finally convinced the mom to go to the doctor with Maria and another missionary named Michelle.  The doctor tried to convince mom to go back to the hospital immediately, but mom did not want to go.  Mom agreed to come back to the doctor on Tuesday.  So, really, there is nothing we can do if the mom is unwilling to get her baby the help that he needs.  Please pray for this baby.  His name is Makenson.

 Wow…this week has been awesome…but I am tired now!!!

 We can’t wait to be reunited with our precious little girls on Monday.  Please pray that our flights are not delayed.  We are actually trying to hop a plane tomorrow to Ft Lauderdale directly from Jacmel since I hear that many flights out of Port au Prince are being cancelled.

One thought on “Mission recap Day 5 and 6

  1. Blessings Cody and Maria,
    Praying for you.
    May you have a restful and delightful time with your precious daughters.
    Praying for Makenson and wondering about the possibility of this vulnerable little one going to God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage.
    They have experience dealing with tiny and ill babies. They are locatedin the mountains above Petion-Ville close to the village of Fermathe. The director is Dixie http://www.glahaiti.org
    May God’s peace continue to be with you.
    Connie Robertson

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