Mission recap Day 4

 The houses are progressing nicely.  We hope and pray that they will be finished by the end of the week.  The team is working like crazy every day just so that they can keep up with the Haitian workers who are like machines.  It is a blessing to see the families and other members of the community pitch in and help.  Even children as young as 3 years old are helping carry materials to the building site.  I always thought that sippy cups were just used to hold juicy juice, not mortar.  And I thought that sippy cups are meant to be held in a child’s hand, not balanced on their head.

As the teams work on the 4 houses, we run around like crazy doing a bunch of other stuff that continues to enable us to minister to the people in the community.  We brought 2 of the guys from our team to the kids program again.  They had a blast and were just so excited to share about how the Lord has been using them to show the love of Jesus to the kids and just build relationships.  We also have 4 students from the Calvary Chapel Patmos program helping there as well.  When I got there this morning, they were helping the kids make paper bag puppets.  I’m sure that they all had a good day.

We then went to the hospital to check up on Makenson, the malnourished baby that we brought there yesterday.  He was not looking too good.  The very sad thing is that the Mom just seems to be indifferent about it.  Some of us think that perhaps the mom is a former child slave as she just shows no emotion about anything and hardly ever talks.  She also doesn’t seem to be treated as well as the others in the family.  So, the baby received a blood transfusion today and hopefully he will get better.  He is over 6 weeks old and he only weighs 4 pounds.  He needs prayer more than anything.

After going to the hospital, we drove to the school in Marigot that we are partnering with.  We also have a Calvary Chapel Patmos group of about 7 working up there this week doing a VBS type program.  I met with the principal, Josye, and he said that things are going really well.  The children were all doing well and looked like they were having a great time.

After that, I got a call from GO Ministries in the Dominican Republic telling me that they were sending us a plane full of food and that it would arrive in an hour.  So, we went to the airport and received a bunch of rice, beans, spaghetti, etc.  This was great to receive since we were just about all out of food as of yesterday.  There are many groups that we are trying to provide food for on a weekly basis.  God is faithful and will provide all that is needed, this I am sure of.

While I was waiting for the plane to arrive at the airport, I also got another chance to speak with Petersen, a Haitian guy who we have been ministering to and helping provide food for.  I have been speaking to him about the need to marry the woman that he is living with and has a child with.  I have shared the word of God with him and talked about what the bible says about this matter.  He agrees and our conversations have had an impact on him.  He told me today that he is going to start saving up for the rings and the wedding dress so that he can get married.  He promised that I will be invited to the wedding.  I was at Petersen’s house yesterday and his “wife” was there.  I talked to her also about the importance of following God’s ways if we desire to be blessed by Him.  She seemed convicted by what I was saying and she said that she knew that it was true.  The people who were around us during the conversation all agreed that it was wrong for them to be living together without being married.  So, the fact that today Petersen started talking to me about saving up money to buy rings shows that they have been talking about it and God is convicting their hearts.  That is really cool.

Since much of this team is heading back on Saturday, we decided to have them only work half a day tomorrow so that we could take them up to Basin Ble (a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole) for a fun day.  They are very excited about this.  We will also take them around some different parts of Jacmel so that they get a chance to see more of Haiti since most of them have not traveled more than 50 yards from my house the whole week they have been here.

The common response that I hear from everybody on the team during our sharing time is not so much about how much progress is being made on the house, but rather how much they have loved sharing the love of Christ with those around them.  Even with the language barrier, God has enabled them to communicate the love of Christ to the children, the familes of the homes that we are building, and the Haitian workers.  God is being glorified every day in our midst.  It has been a pleasure having this team serve with us.

 Here are a few pictures of the progress of the homes as well as some happy faces…

one of the homes we are building is for this sweet old woman and her son


another one is for this woman and her baby


happy faces!!