continuing the ministry of helping others

Our days continue to be extremely busy just trying to meet the needs of many people who are still suffering losses from the earthquake. We continue to give out food, but now we are getting more strategic in getting large amounts of food out to different pastors and school leaders that we are building relationship with. We distribute it to them and then they distribute it to the people they are directly caring for. We also still have several individual families that God has placed in our path who we are reaching out to with food and resources. We pray that as we are giving out food and shelter, that these people are also seeing the goodness of God touch their lives. We always take time to pray with them and talk to them about the love of God.

We are also still getting large amounts of food and supplies flown to us several times a week through our awesome ministry partners called GO Ministries. My goal is always to try to have our warehouse (otherwise known as spare bedroom) empty, but each time we start getting close to being out of food, we get a phone call from Ken George stating that there are planes that are about to land that are carrying more food and supplies to us.

We came up with the idea of bringing enough food to this one school so that they can still feed the children everyday even though school is still closed. This at least alleviates the burden on the parents of trying to feed their children each day while the kids are not in school where they would normally be. So, tomorrow we will bring a weeks worth of food to the school principal so that 125 or so children can be fed every day. God is good. We are also trying to help this school in many other ways. We will have a mission team here in a few weeks and we will begin constructing a wall around this school so that the kids are secure as well as their belongings. We will meet with the principal tomorrow and discuss some specific plans. He is very excited about the help that we can bring him.

In addition to food, we are now trying to distribute a lot of tents and tarps to the people so that they can have some temporary shelter while plans develop for rebuilding. We gave out many tarps today to families who have lost their homes and have nowhere safe to sleep.

The needs continue to increase daily. We look to the Lord for wisdom to know what needs He is calling us to help meet and which needs we are not called to meet. So far, I believe that we have walked in healthy wisdom and counsel from the Lord. We are certainly tired as all can be by the end of the day, but not so tired that we are getting burned out. We know when it is time to minister and when it is time to rest.

We are getting some counsel regarding the whole issue of wanting to develop a ministry to help the orphaned children here in Haiti. The truth is that it is just not as simple and easy as it sounds to get some money, build or rent a home, and open the door to take in kids. There are so many other factors that need to be considered. So, we want to heed the counsel that has been given us and really seek the Lord for what the best way is for us to minister to orphaned and abandoned children. We know that God will lead us as long as we are truly seeking His will rather than just trying to push our own agenda. We do not have any intention of pushing our own agenda. We only have the agenda of doing God’s will. If we stay with that, we know that we will not make the wrong decision.

We miss our 2 little girls more than ever and we can’t wait to be reunited with them at the end of the month. That’s all for now…

3 thoughts on “continuing the ministry of helping others

  1. Great work friends – boldly going forth in the center of His vineyard where others choose not to. Well done!

  2. Continuing to pray for you.
    We give thanks to God for the hope you are bringing to the exact people in the exact places that God has given you to bless.
    Also we pray for your beautiful daughters, Susana and Isabela.

  3. Having a hard time today…I want so badly to be back in Haiti right now. I’m seriously grateful for all of your updates – miss you guys!

    I’ll definitely be praying for an awesome reunion between you and the girls!

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