By the grace of God…we continue

Our internet is down and so is our phone…so please be patient with us if you are trying to get in touch with us. You can call us direct on my cell phone at 509-3-627-8162. You need to dial 011 if calling from the states.

I don’t know how long it will be down. It is not just us, it is all throughout Jacmel. We are at a hotel now in the area, the only place that has internet. So, everybody and their mother are here now with laptops open typing away. We might just have to come here every day, drop the $5 charge to use the net, and maybe enjoy a nice meal while at it.

We just got back from the Dominican Republic where we escaped for a few days just to get some much needed rest since we have been going non-stop since the day of the earthquake. It was heavenly to take a hot shower!! We are thankful for the time that we were able to rest and just spend some quality time together, but now we are back and excited to be back. Haiti is the home we love.

We are still very busy serving the people here in Jacmel and surrounding areas. We continue to distribute food to areas where it is most needed. The World Food Program is covering Jacmel very well, so we are taking food up the mountains where the WFP trucks can’t get to. We have been networking with churches, schools, family groups, etc to try and distribute the food as effectively as possible.

Last night, we had our first staff meeting so that we can develop a game plan with some order and effective planning. There are so many things that can pull us in so many directions, so we needed to sit down and lay out our vision and plan and involve ourselves in those things that go in line with what our vision is. We have officially asked our Haitian missionary friend to join up with us in our ministry and he has gladly accepted. So, we now have Fenel as our Ministry Assistant. He has been such a great guy to work with. He loves the Lord and demonstrates a lot of spiritual maturity as well as passion for sharing the Gospel, the very kind of person we most want to work with. There are many things that we have coming up that will require effective planning and leadership. We have some mission teams coming soon that will help rebuild homes, schools, churches, etc as well as just bring encouragement and hope to the people. We are also continuing to pray and seek out the most effective way to care for orphaned and abandoned children as this is a focal point of our ministry.

Today, we helped coordinate a team of 16 doctors from Delaware get into Jacmel from Santiago DR. They will be doing clinics in the community all week long. The logistics of just getting a team of doctors that large get settled and set up is a full time job in and of itself. Thankfully, our friend and resident medical teams coordinator, Tiffany, is helping them get connected to to a place in Jacmel that has the most need. We were happy to do our part of helping them get flown in and taken where they needed to go.

The Lord is good and faithful to provide. Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement. Please continue in this. Cody

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  1. Great to have you back on line as one of the trustworthy sources of info as to what’s really happening on the ground there.

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