Busy, but not just for the sake of being busy…

We are preparing for our first “official” mission team coming on Monday.  I say “official” because we had an “unofficial” team come just days after the quake.  It was a group of about 9 Calvary Chapel people from different Calvary Chapel churches in the U.S.  They showed up on our door step and kinda just asked if they could stay with us for the week.  It was cool.  They turned out to be a great group of people, and we were thankful to be able to host them.  Some of them are planning on coming back soon.  Some have already leased a property here in Jacmel and will be arriving Friday.  Some…well…one…just can’t seem to leave.  But we love him.  That’s our dear friend Paul.

We have been planning and strategizing for this upcoming team of 15 guys that are coming on Monday.  In addition to this, we will be working with a huge Calvary Chapel church from Ft Lauderdale that just leased a house and will be bringing 46 people here on Friday and are asking if we have some things for them to do.  So, the resources certainly are not lacking. We have been working with this Calvary Chapel church for several weeks now helping them get established here in Jacmel.  We are thankful for the resources that they have brought our way, especially the sermons on DVD so that we can get some good teaching.  Church for us is not the place where we are being spiritually fed simply because it is in Creole and we don’t yet understand the language.  So, we will watch one of the teaching DVD’s tonight.

 Next week, we are going to be super busy.  We are planning on clearing some rubble from many homes as well as build some houses for some people that we have been building relationships with.  It costs about $3,000 total to build a basic 2 room concrete house with a tin roof.  So, hopefully we will be able to build several of these homes.  We will also be ministering to children in various areas and doing other outreach.  It will be a great week.  I am very excited to see what the Lord is going to do.

Our ministry is beginning to take some form.  God is giving us some specific direction as we continue to simply pray for wisdom to know how best to bring glory to His name through what we are doing.  The needs here in Haiti are endless, so it is very important for us to be led by the Lord rather than just led by mere need.  The Lord is opening up doors for us and is showing us what to do and what not to do.  It is good to see that we are starting to get some form and direction since for so many weeks after the earthquake we have been running around like crazy just like everybody else simply trying to “put out fires”.  But now we are starting to focus on long term vision and direction.  With each staff meeting that we have, I feel like we are getting more and more clarity.

We continue with our language training several hours each morning.  Fenel has been an awesome teacher.  In some ways, creole is an easy language to learn.  For instance, the verbs are not conjugated based on the different tenses.  The verb stays the same.  But in other ways, I feel like I am hitting a brick wall.  So much of the language is abbreviated so it is really really hard to understand when someone is speaking because they are not even saying the complete word.  For example, “Mwen kapab fe sa pou ou” is shortened to “M’ ka fe sa pou’w.”  When this is spoken, it is almost impossible to break it down.  By the way, that sentence means, “I can do this for you”.  Anyway, we are only on week one of an eight week course, so hopefully it will all come together.

Fenel and I went around our neighborhood tonight to survey some of the needs regarding shelters.  There are several homes that are destroyed.  We have identified about 4 that we think we can rebuild.  One of them belongs to this very old woman who we learned has been sick for several months.  I can understand why she is still sick since she is living in a home that has cracked walls and wide open spaces in the roof.  I laid hands on her and prayed that the Lord will heal her sickness.  I also prayed that if she doesn’t know Christ as Savior that we would have an opportunity to share with her and that she will see her need for Jesus.  We plan on coming back next week and building this woman a house!  We also plan on talking with her about Jesus.  She is too old to pass by.  She will be entering eternity soon and we want her to enter into the gates that lead to eternal life.

We just got word that our dear friend Paul was able to catch a plane back to Ft Lauderdale.  He was sad to say goodbye as we were sad to see him go.  Paul is an awesome guy.  His love for Jesus is very evident to all.  He has been such a blessing to our ministry.  We look forward to him coming back in March.  Paul was used by God in a tremendous way while he was here.  He really connected with the patients and staff at the hospital clinic in Cayes-Jacmel.  He was able to get them hooked up with us so that we could start giving the hospital food each week so that they can feed their patients daily.  He spent a lot of time up there getting to know the staff and just sharing God’s love with them and the patients.  He handed out more tracts than I have ever seen anybody hand out.  This guy has been consumed with the love of Jesus and just wants everybody else to know that same love.  We love our Apostle Paul.

That’s all for now…

Paul with our other houseguest Wouchawou
Paul sharing the salvation message of Jesus with the children in the mountains of Kap Wouj
Paul with our neighbor after putting up the tent that we gave them

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  1. Paul is AWESOME! Love that guy! His heart is so huge, and overflowing with the love of God!

    Constantly praying for you Whittakers! Hope to see you soon!

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