Bondye Kapab Fe Sa (God can do this)

Yesterday, we continued to give out to the people who are in greatest need. We spent part of the day driving two trucks full of food way up the mountains to Kap Wouj. I love the people up in Kap Wouj. They have such a simple way of life and they are very sweet. We delivered food to 3 churches there and one school. They were very happy to receive the food. The drive up to Kap Wouj is seriously steep. For me, it is fun, but I know many people who would be freaked out by it. We always pray before going up that the Lord would protect our vehicle and prevent us from getting any flat tires. I seriously would not know what to do if we got a flat tire going up this steep mountain. But God is good and He has protected us thus far. There is a school up there that we would like to help on a long term basis through providing food daily to the children. Once I get fluent with the language, I would love to teach Bible to the kids there each week.

After going up the mountains, we went down the street from our house and delivered a huge tent to a family that completely lost their home in the earthquake. We also had given them some tarps a few days ago. We also gave them some food since they said that the World Food Program trucks were not getting anything to them. They were very happy with the tent, but also looked kind of perplexed as they had no idea how to put it up. So, we told them that we would come back soon and help them put it up. Our friend Paul just came back today from there and told me that he helped put the tent up and that the people were so happy.

After delivering the tent and food to that family, we went back to my house and loaded up our vehicles to bring food and supplies to a school in Marigot that we have been helping and are building good relationships with. We also surveyed the area of the school where we are hoping to help build a wall since right now there is nothing that they have for security. I think the wall though is going to take a lot more time, money, and resources that we currently have so we told the principal that we need to continue to pray about it and ask the Lord what He is calling us to do. He seemed a little bummed at first and was trying to take anything that we would offer, even if it was just building the first couple of feet of the wall. I stopped him and told him that we don’t need to rush and that we have to be patient and wait. I told him that God is able to do it, but that we just need to pray. So, I suggested we hold hands right there on the school grounds and pray and ask the Lord to reveal His will. In that prayer, we all sensed the peace of God come and we knew that God would reveal His will in His perfect time. We were all very content. On the way out, I was talking to Paul about God being able to do anything. I saw a boy standing outside, so I rolled down my window and said hello. I told Him, “Bondye kapab fe sa.”, which means, “God can do this.” I asked him to repeat it back to me several times. We had a good laugh together.

We are very busy with getting food and shelter to the people each day, but we don’t simply do this and then drive off. We spend time with the people that we are helping. We sit down when they pull up a chair for us and we share in their lives. We go inside their tiny homes. We laugh and play with the children. We talk about the goodness and love of God. We pray together and hold their hands. We love them.

2 thoughts on “Bondye Kapab Fe Sa (God can do this)

  1. Hi Cody and Maria , It’s John from Old Bridge . Been keeping up with your blog and continue to love your ministry . I also want to add to Lance’s prayers for your time with your daughters , that it will be a glorious time of reunion and reflection.
    Since I left Haiti my every thought and hope has been to return and that the Lord would provide for a continuious ministry there . Like Lance ,I too have been praying for the opportunity to get back down there and dig in to what the Lord would have us do . It’s also a thrill to hear that Paul continues be used there .
    I believe that the bridges you are building through your Ministry will provide great opportunities for the furtherance of the Gospel and bear much fruit one by one changing the heart of Haiti . The Lord surely bring many to know HIM through this disaster .
    Hope to see you guys soon as the Lord seems to have opened a door to return . Just a note , For anyone seriously considering ministering in Haiti ,there is a free Haitian Creole Language course downloadable online at . May the Lord continue to give you guys all wisdom and discernment . John Chimenti

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