Back to the states tomorrow to get our girls!!!!

Tomorrow morning, we fly back to the states to get our girls.  We are so excited to see them.  We are not going back to visit with churches and groups to share about Haiti.  We will be doing that in the Fall when we come back for about a month to share with our many churches and individuals who are part of our support team.  But this trip tomorrow will just be a time to visit with our family, spend a few days with just our own family, and then fly back home to Haiti.  We have been without our girls for a month and a half!!  For those of you that don’t know, we flew them back to the states a few days after the earthquake just to make sure that they were safe since we did not know what was going to happen.  They have been staying with my Mom and my Dad.  We can’t wait to see them!!!

It is great to know that the ministry will continue in full force in our absence because of the great people that the Lord has brought on board.  My right hand man Fenel will rock the house!!  I am looking forward to hearing about all the good things that the Lord does while we are away. 

 Please please please pray that our flight is not cancelled or delayed.  We fly out of Port au Prince at 9:40 AM to Miami on American Airlines.  Then we fly US Airways from Miami to Hartford, CT leaving at 4PM and arriving at about 10PM.

 Na we pita…

4 thoughts on “Back to the states tomorrow to get our girls!!!!

  1. I did pray for your flight. Praying for a safe return as well. I know you will be soooooo glad to see the girls. A month and a half can seem like a really long time. Been there.

  2. Saw your Facebook update – praise the Lord for successful flights! I’m so happy for you and the kids – I can’t imagine how hard it’s been being separated for so long. I pray that it’s a VERY rewarding time together!!!

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