Awesome work requires an awesome team!

The teams from IsleGo Missions and Calvary Chapel are doing an incredible work this week rebuilding homes in our community. But they are not only rebuilding homes, they are touching lives and in the process God is touching them. Take a look at these pictures.


On the first day, the team heads out to check out the area they will be working at. They bring with them two tents that will serve as temporary homes for the people whose homes will be rebuilt.


The next day they get to work right away. There is no wasting time over here.


The team from Patmos, a discipleship school in the Bahamas led by Pastor Chet Lowe from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale is working one of the houses.


We hired local workers to assist with the work. In fact, the locals are the ones heading the work. The teams are only assisting in whatever they can.


It is great to see both short team missionaries and local residents work side by side.


We know that in the process, God is getting all the glory.


The tents that GO Ministries provided serve as temporary shelter until their homes are built.


The IsleGo Missions team is led by Dusty Cooper, an awesome man of God whom the Lord has brought to our lives. Everyone from the team is working very hard.


They are rebuilding homes that were damaged by the earthquake from the ground up.


These guys look clean now. No, they are not being lazy. They are just ready to go back to work on day three.


They are taking the time to share and pray before they head out into the community.


And this is why we do it–so that these little ones can have a home.


We truly love the children in our neighborhood and their families.


In investing in children and their families, we are investing in the future of Haiti.


Everyone in Haiti is lovely, including this precious grandma.


Each day, the families and the workers receive food.


They are working hard…


…but they are also building relationships with people in the community.


It takes an Awesome God with an awesome team to bring awesome smiles to the faces of people.