Mission team recap

Day 3 of our 15 guy mission team. So far, it has been awesome to see what the Lord is accomplishing. 4 homes are in the process of being built. The people are so happy. This of course helps us continue to build relationships with the people in our neighborhood. In building relationships, we are able to be a testimony of the goodness and love of God. We have been able to open up the word of God among them and share biblical truth. We have been able to pray for them, care for them, and love them. Nothing but good can come out of this.

We had most guys working on these homes all day. Then we also put 2 guys down at the kids program that we are helping out. These 2 guys told me that they had an absolute blast just loving on the children all day long. I took 2 other guys with me to go up to Kap Wouj and deliver food to the school that we are partnering with up there. We had a great time just spending some time with the kids up there as well as some of the adults in the community. The 2 guys that were with me are pastors from a church in Atlanta and are interested in coming back down to Haiti often with several mission teams. We talked about the possibility of bringing a college team up to Kap Wouj for a week to help do some construction and repair on the school. They are very excited about this. They are some hi-tech dudes. They were shooting video on their iphones and then sending it back to their home church from the mountains in small clips so that they would be able to have a live service tonight from Haiti with their youth and college group. It was pretty cool to see.

After coming down from Kap Wouj, we went to the airport to pick up some supplies that our friends had flown down for us. What a blessing it was to get some things from these wonderful people.

 Later in the afternoon, Mark Stuart (the lead singer from Audio Adrenaline who has an orphanage here in Jacmel), and John Martinez from GO Ministries came down to our work sites where we are building homes so that they could get some video footage of what we are doing. The filming got cut short as we soon encountered a baby that looked seriously malnourished. We made the decision to bring her to the hospital immediately. Her skin was hanging off her bones. The mother simply has not been doing an effective job in caring for her. Maria went with Mark and John to bring the baby to the hospital. It turns out that the baby will need to remain in the hospital for at least a week and that the baby will probably need a blood transfusion. Please pray that the Lord will give us wisdom to know how to proceed. It is so hard to see a child neglected, get them help, and then return the child right back to their mother knowing that there is a possibility that the child will just continue to get neglected.

 In the evening, the whole group was invited to the Calvary Chapel house for a time of worship and devotions. It was a great way to end the day. God is at work in Jacmel and we are just very humbled and honored to be a part of that work. May He be glorified in all of this.