The uncertainty of everything after the Haiti earthquake in Jacmel

Things are starting to get a little scary.  We realize that the destruction in Jacmel is more than we first thought.  I just found out that there are still hundreds of people here in Jacmel trapped under the rubble.  You can smell the dead people in the downtown area where much damage occurred.  I guess I haven’t been to some of these places yet, so I thought that it wasn’t as bad as it really is.  I will go down there today to see what is going on.

 Today is a day for me to take stock of what my family will need to stay safe, protected, and provided for.  This is where it is getting a little scary.  I was just able to cash a check for $2,000 so that I have money for food and supplies for the long-term.  The only problem seems to be the issue of availability of these supplies.  We will need lots of gas for our generator.  I have spent the whole morning fighting a massive crowd at the only open gas station in the area.  After several hours of trying to get my truck in line, I was finally forced to drive away…empty.  I hope to be able to get some today, but only the Lord knows.

 The other question is the issue of water.  Will it run out soon?  Will we be able to have access anywhere to clean safe water?  I don’t know.  Again, I went to get water today at the same place as we tried to get gas.  We were told that there is water, but that the machine had been broken by somebody on the outside and that we would have to come back later to get water.  So, we hope to be able to fill our 5 gallon jugs.  We only have 4 of these jugs.  It would be nice if we had 40.  But I don’t even know where we may be able to buy these.

 What about food?  I don’t know.  With the extremely limited food resources here in Jacmel, I am pretty sure that food supplies will soon be gone.  All of us in Jacmel usually drive to Port au Prince about once a month to buy our groceries and supplies.  We usually go to the Caribbean Market in Port au Prince…but now the Caribbean is in a pile of rubble.  So, even when we get road access to Port au Prince, where will we go?  Port au Prince will be a complete war zone, and probably unsafe in so many places.

 Right now, we have food which should last us for about 3 weeks or so.  But after that…I don’t know. 

 We also will need water in our cistern and tank so that we can wash clothes and bathe.  Right now, we have our tank about half full, which will only last us maybe 2 more days.  After that, I am praying that the water trucks will be back up and running.

 So, there is just so much uncertainty right now, and that can certainly make things a little scary.  We trust in the Lord completely, but we are also called to use wisdom and discernment.  Right now, I need to focus my attention on getting my family safe. 

 Yes, we will still reach out and try to care for the hurting and suffering, but please know that we will not be foolish and not think about the safety of our family.  I have 2 little girls who need to be protected from all of this.  We are praying and discussing what to do.  We want to use wisdom and not just react out of sheer panic.

 Please be in prayer for me and my family.  Thanks

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  1. Lord, help those is Haiti to know that no matter how dark the situation may become, You are the light of life and can never be put out. You will lift them above the storm and into the comfort of Your presence. Only you can take whatever loss they experience and fill the empty place with good. Only you can take the burden of their grief and pain and dry their tears. Psalm 4:1

    Please know each need you speak of is being placed on a mat and carried to the feet of Jesus. Praying for protection of your sweet little ones 🙂 I am humbled by the beauty of both of your hearts. Blessings,
    Cindy Jones

  2. We sell our baled clothing to a textile recycler in Dallas. They ship their remarketable clothing to developing nations in huge containers, I believe out of Houston. That may be a source to request relief clothing.

    Living Waters International provides well drilling equipment and training for missionaries. They’re also located in Houston. They may be able to help produce new fresh water supplies in a day or two with their equipment. Meanwhile, what about the water falls in the nearby mountains? Has any group taken control of them?

    Praying for you. As in all major disasters, anarchy arises out of the chaos and desperation.

  3. Cody and Maria,

    You don’t know me, but I found out about you because my husband and I are on the Global Outreach mailing list. My husband’s sister’s family are GO missionaries about to move to Uganda. I’m praying for you guys and have posted your blog to my Facebook status and asked people to pray for you as well.

    In Christ,

  4. Cody and Maria,

    Know that people you know are reading your blogs, seeing your facebook posts, and praying for you and for yours. God bless you for your willingness to go to a place that He knew would be devastated this way.

    Thank you for the info on how best to help you – everyone is wondering how to do that.

    I am afraid this post lays out what the media is already saying, which is that many, many countries and organizations are already sending people and supplies to the country, but that getting them spread out to the people amongst the devastated people, infrastructure etc. is proving the hard part. Looting has already begun in the capital I’m afraid.

    We will pray and support you and trust in God, I wish we could do more. Stay safe! Your messages of working in God’s name are an inspiration.

    Love, David, Tricia, Samuel and Daniel

  5. That is very wise Cody. Your number one priority right now is keeping your family SAFE and cared for. Many missionary families from Port au Prince have already left because they had nothing left.

  6. Cody & Maria,
    We will be following your situation thru your Internet postings.We are sending you positive thoughts with our prayers.

    Mike & Nancy McAllister
    Clinton CT

  7. Hi Maria-

    I am assuming Cody shared my letter. Please seriously consider everything I said.

    Love you guys-

  8. Hi Cody and Maria. I attend church with Martha Suarez and she posted this on Facebook. I’ll post it on mine too!

    There is MUCH money and supplies being donated. Its just a trick to get it on the land there.

    Hang in there and stay safe! MANY MANY prayers are going up for Haiti

  9. Cody & Maria,

    Praying for you during this time. Your update brought me to tears… May God keep you all safe and bring relief soon!!

    Keeping you in our constant prayers!
    Jared & Kesed

  10. I have been posting your blog on facebook. God bless you and your family. Take care of those two beautiful girls!

  11. Maria- really appreciate your posts
    Cody- rely on God to supply your needs. In today’s Miami Herald, the following excerpt appeared. —
    “Businessman Gesner Champaigne said he has 16 trucks ready to distribute 600,000 gallons of water a day. On Thursday, the government used just four trucks. “We don’t know who is doing what. Where is the nerve center?” he said. “There is a lot of confusion.”

    He said the main delay was over security. It would be foolhardy for Champaigne to show up unescorted in quake-ravaged areas desperate for water.
    With the government’s bulldozer working to open the road to PAP
    you need to know that the supply will come, be patient. Use your Internet. Bob Huehn Sauble Beach Ontario

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