The shift in Jacmel, Haiti

There is certainly a shift taking place here in the last 2 days. Life seems to be getting back to normal for most people here in Jacmel, aside from the fact that thousands are homeless and are living in makeshift tents. But business is back to business. People are buying and selling at the market. It looks like Jacmel. Yes, without a doubt, there are people probably in much pain, both physical and emotional as many lives were lost. The hospitals are still in great need and many there are suffering. And if you were to sit down with someone in one of their makeshift tents and ask them to share what is going on in their lives, you would probably weep as you learned of the many losses that many have suffered. So, in no way do I want it to sound like life is peachy in Jacmel, because I’m sure that for many, it is not.

But the point is that life is resuming here in Jacmel. Food is available. Gas is available. Moto taxis are once again crowding the narrow streets.

I don’t know what life is like in Port au Prince. I’m sure there is still a lot of craziness just because the devastation there was 50 times greater. Same with Leogane. I was just there yesterday with some of our Calvary Chapel Colorado team giving out some tarps and tents to a family who was in great need of them. The place is indeed leveled. There are so many homes that are flattened and underneath those homes still lay thousands of dead bodies trapped. It must be so sad for those people who have loved ones that they know are dead and still trapped underneath the rubble. My heart breaks for those people.

But even in Leogane, life was beginning to resume. The dazed and confused look is gone and now the people are just trying to rebuild their lives. Haitians are the most resilient people I have ever known. Don’t ever think the Haitian people are lazy. Every Haitian I know will put my work effort to shame, including elderly women. The Haitian people are strong. They will recover.

So, yesterday we went with the Calvary Chapel Colorado team to Leogane to personally deliver some tarts and tents to this family that we had met last week when we brought them food. We had seen that they were rebuilding their homes with sticks and banana leaves and were doing an amazing job, but they needed tarps for the roof. We had prayed for them that God would provide to meet their needs. So, when the Calvary Colorado team arrived at our house and showed us that they brought some tents and tarps to give to people in need, I immediately thought of this family and asked the team if we could personally deliver this to them. They were excited to do it.

So, yesterday morning, we all piled into my 4Runner and made the trek over the mountain to Leogane. It is about an hour and a half ride and it is long and windy. My girls usually get car sick because it is so windy. Normally, we would make this trip because we had to go to Port au Prince or we were going to give out a ton of food to the people in Leogane. But yesterday, the Lord directed us to put a few tarps and tents in the vehicle and make this long difficult drive just to hand deliver these things to a family in need to let them know that God has heard their prayers and He has answered them. He has sent 3 guys from Colorado to fly to Haiti and come here today to his makeshift home and hand them tarps for his roof. Isn’t God amazing? We wanted to show this family just how much the Lord cares for them. We prayed with the family and gave thanks to God for His provision. Lance prayed for us…in English only. Haha (private joke). The man that was building this home was so thankful. And then we turned around and drove all the way back home. God cares for people so much. He is faithful to provide to those who trust in Him.

We all celebrated the end of the Calvary Chapel invasion by the Colorado crew taking us out for a nice dinner last night. We had a great time together. Then we kicked all of them out of our house (except for Paul whom we just can’t seem to get rid of. Haha) at midnight as it was time for them to return. Lord willing, we will see them again.