The Calvary invasion

Hotel Whittaker should be renamed “Calvary Chapel Mission House”. We are being invaded by all things Calvary Chapel. We have 10 of them staying with us until Friday. Some are from CC Old Bridge NJ, some are from a Calvary in Colorado, and some are from CC Costa Mesa. I’m surprised we haven’t had chapter by chapter and verse by verse devotions. Haha. Seriously, we love Calvary Chapel.

Then tomorrow, there are about 5 or 7 pastors and leaders coming in from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale and some of them will meet with Maria and I in the afternoon since Maria knows them from when she used to work at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. I told Maria that if Bob Coy wants to stay at our house, he is welcome to use one of our tents set up in our yard. Haha.

We are thankful to the Lord that He is burdening the hearts of many people and churches to come and invest their lives in helping the people of Haiti. We pray that many people come to know the love and truth in Jesus as a result of the efforts of both short and long term missionaries.

Today, our original plan of getting 40,000 pounds of rice and beans fell through. Hey, this is Haiti…things change in a minute. We found out after arriving at the airport with our truck that the food was designated to another ministry. So, that is good as long as the food is getting out to the people, we are pleased. I have one of the Calvary Chapel guys staying with us telling me that this ministry was not able to take the entire 40,000 pounds and that he is working on trying to get it into our hands so that we can get it out to the people. So, we’ll see. In the meantime, this Calvary Chapel guy has a contact who is also here in Haiti trying to help. He is the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Anyway, he wants to meet me and Fenel tomorrow so that he can give us money so that we can buy food to give it to the people. So, again, the Lord provides. We need not worry.

Since we did not get any food today, we decided to put our money together and buy a ton of rice and spaghetti so that we could give it out to some hungry people in a remote village that we have a connection with. So, the guys from Calvary Chapel Colorado (Mike, Lance, and Brian), myself, and Fenel all kicked in some coin and we loaded up our vehicles and drove to Marigot to deliver food to a school there that has many children who are in great need. We have delivered food in the past to this school and so we are thinking about further ways of partnering with this school. There are many things that we can do to help. We can bring mission teams to help build a wall around the school. We can get local pastors to come in and teach them the bible as part of their curriculum. I can help with that as well once I become fluent in the language. We could do a medical clinic there as well. I love going up there. The kids are so sweet.

After that, we ran into Apostle Paul who was returning from the clinic and said that they need a lot of food there just to help feed the doctors and other people who are working tirelessly up there all day long. So, some of the group went to the tiny market that was open and practically bought the place out. We then went up to the clinic and delivered the food to them. They were very happy. They are so busy up there, but they are doing an awesome job. They set up a makeshift clinic underneath a tarp outside in addition to the clinic inside.

After we returned home, I got a phone call from a Haitian pastor who somehow got my cell number and was calling me asking if we could bring him food for the many people of his congregation that had not received any food. So, I told him that if we get food tomorrow, then we will get some to him.

The plan tomorrow is to meet with this former owner of the Dodgers early in the morning so that he could meet us and give us money to buy supplies. Are we talking about $50 or $5,000? I have no idea. But God is good and He continues to provide all that we need to do His will. After that, we will go with our Colorado Calvary crew of Mike, Brian, and Lance (by the way, they told me to write on the blog that they are awesome so…um…they are um…awesome). We will take them over the mountains to Leogane where they will personally deliver a tarp to a man we met early this week there who said that he really needs a tarp for the makeshift house that he is building. I pray that this man sees that God loves him, God heard his prayers, and God sent these 3 Americans from Colorado to come to Haiti to bring him a tarp.

After we get back, we will meet with these Calvary Fort Lauderdale people. Then, we will load our vehicles again with supplies and drive way up into the mountains to Cap Wouge to deliver food to a little school there who we have given food to before. I will bring my guitar so that we can do some worship with the kids up there. It should be a great time.